International Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Workshop

WI4SM.2017 is a multidisciplinary workshop organized by the Mediterranean Association of Science and Technology in cooperation with the Mathematic Modeling and Control Research Team of the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier (FSTT), Abdelmalk Essaadi University.

In industry 4.0 digital technology is present all over the phases of the product life cycle: Design, Purchasing & Supply, Production and SCM. The information digitization is considered as the core element of industry 4.0 and the plant of the future. It: 

  • enhances decision-making processes 
  • increases the possibilities of modeling, simulation and prototyping 
  • accelerates the information dissemination 
  • promotes real time process control 

But besides these advances, smart manufacturing opens opportunities for the creation of new services and customization of products, creating competitive advantages. However, faced with the risk of getting lost in the diversity of new technologies and solutions, it is important to know how to select what is relevant or not, with the aim of creating better added value. This workshop aims to highlight the Industry’s state of the art and its current and soon-to-come trends, while bearing in mind the main objective of informing and raising awareness on smart manufacturing technologies. Additive Manufacturing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics and Cobotics, 3D Facilities Management.... have made a decisive entry into our daily lives but what about these advances for manufacturing companies? How will these technologies influence the way decisions are made?


  •  Industry 4.0 case studies : business opportunities, Social changes/benefits, Education needs
  •  Additive manufacturing
  • 3D facilities management
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Remote maintenance
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Workshop Chair

  • Pr. Mustapha Ouardouz, FST of Tangier, Morocco

Program Committee

  • Pr Mustapha Ouardouz, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Abdes-samed Bernoussi, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Mustapha Zekraoui, FST of Benimellal, Morocco
  • Pr Abdelkarim Chouaf, ENSEM of Casablanca, Morocco
  • Pr Kamal Reklaoui, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Naoufal Sefiani, FST of Tangier Morocco
  • Pr Ibrahim Hadj Baraka, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Driss Sarsri, ENSAT of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Mohammed Bsiss, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Abdelali Astito, FST of Tangier, Morocco
  • Pr Ahmed Rachid, UPJV , France
  • Pr.Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany