Final Program
Wednesday  March 27 , 2019
Tutorial 1 : Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Coffee Break
Tutorial 1 : Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Tutorial 3 : High Performance Computing
Coffee Break
Tutorial 3 : High Performance Computing
Thursday  March 28 , 2019
Keynote Speaker: Pr Youssef MESRI, MINES-PARISTECH, France
" New Trends in High Performance Computing"
Session moderated by Prof. Abdelhak ZOGLAT
Keynote Speaker: Pr Mohammed BOULMALF , UIR, Morocco
"IoT and Connected Cars: The Challenges and Novelties"
Session moderated by Prof. Abdelhak ZOGLAT
Opening Ceremony
  • Prof. Mourad EL BELKACEMI , Dean of Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, Morocco,
  • Prof. Mohamed Abdelfattah CHARIF CHEFCHAOUNI , Director of National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Morocco,
  • Prof. Anouar BOUDHIR Abdelhakim, President of Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies, Conference Co-Chair,
  • Prof. Badr ABOU El MAJD , Faculty of Science Rabat, Conference Co-Chair,
  • Prof. Hassan EL GHAZI , National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Conference Co-Chair.
Coffee Break + Exposition Peinture Art & Science
Keynote Speaker: Prof Abderrahim BENSLIMANE, AVIGNON University, France
"The Security Issues and Advances in IoT"
Session moderated by Prof. Zine El Abidine GUENNOUN
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Faissal El BOUANANI, ENSIAS, MOHAMMED V University, Morocco
"New Techniques in Physical Layer Security"
Session moderated by Prof. Hamid EZ-ZAHRAOUY
Lunch Break
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Chaker EL AMRANI, UAE University, Morocco
"IoT and Big Data Analytics for Early Warning of Disasters"
Session moderated by Prof. Ahmed TAMTAOUI
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Coffee Break + Exposition Peinture Art & Science
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Conference Dinner Gala
Friday  March 29 , 2019
8h00 - 9h00
Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
Coffee Break + Poster Session + Exposition Peinture Art & Science
Academics and Professionals Roundtable:" innovations and entrepreneurship"
Animated by GHAZOUANI Karima
Director of the University Center for Entrepreneurship and the Student Entrepreneur Support Center SALEEM Rabat
12h30 - 13h00
Awards Attribution & Conference Cloture
Lunch Break
Social Event : Rabat City Sightseeing Tour
Session 1 :Safe Systems and Security        Chairs: Pr. Ben Ahmed Mohamed et Pr. Ahouzi Esmail
Thursday 28, 2019 From 3:15pm to 4h45pm
Secret Sharing Scheme with Efficient Cheating Detection
Daniel Becerra and Gerardo Vega
SCADA security using SSH honeypot
Amine Belqruch and Abdelilah Maach  
Formal verification of cryptographic circuits : A semi-automatic functional approach
Abir Bitat and Saleh Merniz 
Steganography based Redundant Residue Number System Codes
Mohamed Amine Belhamra and El Mamoun Souidi 
A New Image Encryption Scheme Based on Enhanced Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem using DNA Computing
Salma Bendaoud, Fatima Amounas and El Hassan El Kinani 
Session 2 : Machine Learning        Chairs: Pr. Mesri Youssef and Pr. Abou El Majd Badr
Thursday 28, 2019 From 3:15pm to 4h45pm
Approach to use ontology based on electronic payment system and machine learning to prevent Fraud
Ahmed El Orche and Mohamed Bahaj
Prediction Demand for Classified Ads Using Machine Learning: an Experiment Study
Marouane Adnane, Mohammed El Haj Tirari, Sanaa El Fkihi and Rachid Oulad Haj Thami 
A Novel Traffic Prediction System based on Floating Car Data and Machine Learning
Marouane Mzibri, Abdelilah Maach and Abdellah Elhadri 
Intelligent decision making for depression prevention and detection based on AHP
Chaymae Benfares, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Karim Hamid 
A data modeling approach for classification problems: an application in bank telemarketing prediction
Cédric Stéphane Tekouabou Koumetio, Walid Cherif and Hassan Silkan 
A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of POS Tagging Techniques on Amazigh Corpus
Amri Samir, Zenkouar Lahbib and Benkhouya Reda
Session 3 : Networks      Chairs: Pr. Benslimane Abderrahim and Pr. Achchab Said
Thursday 28, 2019 From 3:15pm to 4h45pm
Resource Allocation in Pre-5G Cellular Systems
Sara Riahi and Azzeddine Riahi  
On the Self-Organization of Mobile Agents to Ensure Dynamic Multi-level Coverage in Sensor Networks
Younes Regragui and Najem Moussa 
A simulation analyse of MANET's RREQ Flooding and HELLO Flooding attacks with NS-3
Oussama Sbai and Mohamed Elboukhari  
Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Mechanisms in SDN Networks
Ehealth smart application of WSN on WWAN
Hamza Zemrane, Youssef Baddi and Abderrahim Hasbi  
A based cloud computing solution using DiffServ architecture for scalability issue in IoT networks with multiple SLA requirements
Abdellah Zyane, Mohamed Nabil Bahiri and Abdelilah Ghammaz  
Session 4 :Safe Systems and Security 2        Chairrs: Pr. El Amrani Chaker and Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim
Thursday 28, 2019 From 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Construction of Somme Quasi-Cyclic Codes Over a Finite Rings
Sabiri Mohammed 
Anonymous Secure E-voting over a Network for Multiple Elections
Leila Zahhafi and Omar Khadir 
Security testing approach for IaaS Infrastructure
Fatima-Zahra Moutai, Sara Hsaini, Salma Azzouzi and My El Hassan Charaf 
A Comparative study of Open Source IDS according to Their Ability to Detect Attacks
Ossama Bouziani, Hafssa Benaboud, Achraf Samir Chamkar and Saiida Lazaar 
A new comprehensive solution to handle information security Governance in organizations
Mounia Zaydi and Bouchaib Nassereddine  
Session 5 : Deep Learning        Chairs: Pr. Abdoun Otman and Pr. Hassan El Ghazi
Thursday 28, 2019 From 5:00pm to 6:30pm
A Novel Automatic Bank Check processing based on Deep Learning
Siham Lamssaoui and Hafssa Benaboud 
Intelligent Framework for Malware Detection with Convolutional Neural Network
Youness Mourtaji, Mohammed Bouhorma and Daniyal Alghazzawi
Deep Learning-Based Intrusion Detection System for Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Zakaria Elmrabet, Mehdi Ezzarii, El Ghazi Hassan and Badr Abou El Majd
Smart Approach to Build A Deep Neural Network Based IDS for Cloud Environment Using an Optimized Genetic Algorithm 
Zouhair Chiba, Noreddine Abghour, Khalid Moussaid, Amina El Omri and Mohamed Rida
Deep Learning architecture for temperature forecasting in an IoT LoRa based system 
Ikram Ben Abdel Ouahab, Anouar Abdelhakim Boudhir, Abdelali Astito and Mohammed Bouhorma
Driver Fatigue Detection using Recurrent Neural Networks
Younes Ed-Doughmi and Najlae Idrissi
Deep Learning Approach as New Tool for Type 2 Diabetes Detection
Ghafki Oumaima, Elaachak Lotfi, Elouaai Fatiha and Bouhorma Mohammed
Session 6 :Smart City     Chairs: Pr. Oubrich Mourad and Pr. Ben Maissa Yann
Thursday 28, 2019 From 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Digital Media's impact on learning in daily life: a different view on eLearning using means of videography
Otto Petrovic
Home Edge Computing Architecture for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture and Breeding
Cheikh Saliou Mbacke Babou, Ibrahima Niang, Bernard Ousmane Sane and Ibrahima Diane 
Control And Command Of Several Greenhouses Via Telegram Messenger
Youssef Ben Akka  
Towards a sustainable world through a SMART digital transformation
Wail El Hilali and Abdellah El Manouar
New Solutions To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Road Traffic Emissions, Using Sumo
Gounni Ali, Rais Noureddine and Azzouzi Idrissi Mostafa 
A Hierarchical Method for Dynamic Job Execution in NREN-based Cloud Systems
Cheikh Saliou Mbacke Babou, Ibrahima Niang and Bernard Ousmane Sane 
Research on MOOCs: current trends and taking into account of content
NAbdelghani Babori, Hicham Fihri Fassi and Abdelkarim Zaid.
A Comparative Study of The Learner Models in Adaptive Mobile Learning Applications
Soukaina Ennouamani and Zouhir Mahani
A Comparative Analysis of OSN and SIoT Trust Models for a trust model adapted to MOOCs platforms
Khadija Elghomary, Driss Bouzidi and Najima Daoudi  
Session 7 : Multimedia Processing       Chairs: Pr. Berqia Amine and Pr. Hamid El Ghazi
Friday 29, 2019 From 9:00am to 10:30am
 Adapted Active Contours for Catadioptric Images using a Non-euclidean Metrics
Jamal Mirhisse, M'Barek Nasri, Ahmad El Allaoui and Djemaa Kachi
Blind image deblurring by game theory
Driss Meskine, Noureddine Moussaid and Soukaina Berhich 
A PSO Approach In The 3D Object Reconstruction Using Supershapes
Hassnae Remmach, Mohamed Sadgal and Aziz Elfazziki
Quality adaptation by using scalable video coding (SVC) over P2P IP Multimedia Subsystem (P2P IMS)
Adnane Ghani, El Hassan Ibn Elhaj and Ahmed Hammouch
A comparative Study of Augmented Reality SDKs to Develop an Educational Application in Chemical Field
Anasse Hanafi, Lotfi Elaachak and Mohammed Bouhorma  
Session 8 :Intelligent Systems for Energy Management      Chair: Pr Abbadi Jamal and Pr. Rahhali Khalid
Friday 29, 2019 From 9:00am to 10:30am
Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Charge Scheduling of Electric Vehicle Fleet
Elmehdi Mabrouk and Abdelilah Maach.
Trade-off between Performance and Energy Management in Autonomic and Green Data Centers
Sara Diouani, Hicham MEDROMI
Big-Data Architecture for Electrical Consumption Forecasting in Educational Institutions Buildings
Houda Daki, Asmaa El Hannani and Hassan Ouahmane  
Energy Saved Approaches in Software Defined Networks: State of the art
Farah Lamharras, Najib El Kamoun and Ouidad Labouidya 
Calculation and polynomial synthesis of the normalized response of a pseudo-elliptic lossy filter
Abdelmounaim Kochairi Belbachir and Charif Mohamed 
Applied study of energy saving, voltage drop reducing technically using reactive power compensation and cable resizing in Gaza electrical grid and its program simulation
Hussam Awwad and Ammar Abumeeri 
Session 9 :Systems Modeling   Chairs: Pr Souidi El Mamoun and Ballihi Lahoucine
Friday 29, 2019 From 9:00am to 10:30am
An application of spectral clustering approach to detect communities in data modeled by graphs
Zakariyaa Ait El Mouden, Abdeslam Jakimi and Moha Hajar 
A theoretical model to illustrate the possible relations link the IS and the ICT to the organization digital information/Data
Mustapha El Hamzaoui and Faycal Bensalah
Game Theoretical model for Resource Allocation in 5G hybrid HetNets
Maroua Gharam and Noureddine Boudriga
A Methodology to do Model-Based Testing using FMEA
Meriem Atifi and Marzak Abdelaziz  
Promoting resource discovery in business process variability
Rabab Sikal, Hanae Sbai and Laila Kjiri  
Model Transformation From Object Relational Database to NoSQL Document Database
Fouad Toufik and Mohamed Bahaj  
Semi-Automatic Generation of Transformation Rules: From AADL to Timed Automata.
Karima Berramla, El Abassia Deba, Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane and Abou El Hassan Benyamina  
Session Poster Chairs: Pr. Hajar Chouiyakh, Pr. Abdellaoui Alaoui El Arbi, Pr. Moussaid Noureddine and Pr. Hatim Guermah
Friday 29, 2019 From 10:30Am to 11:00Am
Three Parallelization Syndrome Block for Reed Solomon code RS (255, 239) Used in Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-T
Mohamed Elghayyaty  
An Overview of Smart Grid Communication Networks Technologies, Protocols and Challenges
Elmahdi Khoudry, Abdelaziz Belfqih, Jamal Boukherouaa, Elmariami Faissal and Berdai Abdelmajid
Amelioration of a proxy signature using RSA encryption
Salma Ezziri and Omar Khadir 
A Game Theoretic Approach for Virtual Machine Allocation Security in Cloud Computing
Bernard Ousamane Sane, Cheikh Saliou Mbacke Babou and Ibrahima Niang
Computational geometry for airspace partitioning
Zineb Hidila, Abdelwahab Naji and Mohammed Mestari  
Calculation and polynomial synthesis of the normalized response of a pseudo-elliptic lossy filter
Abdelmounaim Kochairi Belbachir and Charif Mohamed 
The impact of Fuzzy Logic on Knowledge Management in the area of Supply Chain: a state of art
Fatima Ezzahra Ettahiri and Mina Elmaallam  
Flipped classroom for algorithmic teaching
Teimzit Amira, Mahnane Lamia and Hafidi Mohamed