Prof. Dr. İsmail Rakıp Karașo

Dean of Safranbolu Fethi Toker Fine Art and Design Faculty, Karabuk University, Turkey

Biography :

Dr Ismail Rakip Karas is a Professor of Computer Engineering Department and Head of 3D‑GeoInformatics Research Group at Karabuk University, Turkey. He received his BSc degree from Selcuk University, MSc degree from Gebze Institute of Technology, and PhD degree from GIS and Remote Sensing program of Yildiz Technical University, in 1997, 2001 and 2007 respectively, three of them from Geomatics Engineering Department. In 2002, he involved in a GIS project as a Graduate Student Intern at Forest Engineering Department, Oregon State University, USA. During the summer of 2014, and summer of 2010 he was a Visiting Researcher in 3D GIS Research Lab, Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Between 2000-2009, he was a Research Assistant at Geomatics Engineering Department of Gebze Institute of Technology. Since 2009, he has been in Karabuk University and taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Geoinformation and Computer Sciences. He has also carried out administrative duties such as Head of Computer Science Division of Department, Director of Safranbolu Vocational School of Karabuk University. Currently, he is the Dean of Safranbolu Fine Art and Design Faculty in same university.

Dr. Ismail Rakip Karas is the author of many international and Turkish publications and papers on various areas of Geoinformation Science. He is in the editorial board of International Geoinformatics Research and Development Journal, American Journal of Geographic Information System, and some others. Also reviewer of some international journals such as Sensors, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, and International Journal of Environmental Research. He is also committee member of some of conferences such as “Int’l Conference on Digital Image Processing”  and “3D GeoInformation Conference”. He has involved in several projects and been supervisor and examiner of many Msc and PhD students. His research interests include Geographic Information Systems, 3D GIS, 2D and 3D Network Analyses on GIS, Software Development for GIS, Web based GIS, Geo-Databases, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Digital Image Processing, and Graph Theory.

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Talk Title: .Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Evacuation System Design for the the Complex Buildings of Smart Cities


In this talk, 3D Network Analyses and Interactive Human Navigation System for indoor which consists of three components will be presented. The first component is used to extract the geometrical and 3D topological vector data automatically from architectural raster floor plans. The second component is used for network analysis and simulations. It generates and presents the optimum path in a 3D modeled building, and provides 3D visualization and simulation. And the third component is used to carry out the generation of the guiding expressions and it also provides that information for the mobile devices such as PDA’s, laptops etc via Internet. 

In addition, an Intelligent Evacuation Model for Smart Buildings will be introduced in this presentation. The model dynamically takes into account environmental (smoke, fire, etc.) and human-induced (age, disability, etc.) factors and generates personalized evacuation route by performing network analysis interactively and in real-time. Intelligent Control Techniques (Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks) has been used in the design of the model.