About SCA20

The Fifth International Conference on Smart City Applications is a multidisciplinary forum co-organized by the Computer Engineering Department of Karabuk University (KBÜ) in the partnership with Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies (Medi-AST). Since the current situation, this year, SCA will take place as VIRTUAL / ONLINE from 07 to 09 October 2020. The event aims to bring together research scientists and engineers to discuss and exchange both experimental and theoretical results, novel designs, case studies, and trend-setting ideas in the area of smart cities. The conference covers any topic with an intersection with smart cities, including geo-smart information systems, education, healthcare, economy and digital business, building and home automation, environment and agriculture, and information technologies and computer science. The Conference encourages submission of original works presenting novel research results and new products or concepts are encouraged for submission. But also works in progress.

All accepted papers will be published as a Chapter in the Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems LNNS Book Series (SCOPUS indexed) OR as a Full Paper or Extended Abstract (Short Paper) in the ISPRS Archives (SCOPUS, ISI-CPCI, and DOAJ indexed) depending on the author's preference.

Innovations in Smart Cities Applications 1

Extended selected papers are published as a chapters in the Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Edition 1


Innovations in Smart Cities Applications 2

Extended selected papers are published as a chapters in the Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Edition 2


Innovations in Smart Cities Applications 3

Extended selected papers are published as a chapters in the Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Edition 3


Draft Program

Wednesday  October 07 , 2020 (UTC+3)
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Welcome Talk:

  • Prof. İsmail Rakıp Karaș, Karabuk University, Turkey , Conference Chair
  • Prof. Mohamed BEN AHMED, Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies, Morocco , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, CRESCENT Instıtute Of Scıence & Technology, INDIA , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. BOUDHIR ANOUAR Abdelhakim , Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies, Morocco , Conference Co-Chair
Meet Link:
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alias Abdul Rahman , Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Malaysia
"Smart Cities and Geo-Spatial Technologies "
Session moderated by Prof. İsmail Rakıp Karaș
Meet Link:
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Şule Erten Ela , Ege University, Türkiye
"Smart Cities and Energy"
Session moderated by Prof. Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim
Meet Link:
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bülent Bayram , Yildiz Technical University, Türkiye
"Deep learning applications for shoreline extraction from Landsat and Sentinel satellite Imagery"
Session moderated by Prof. Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane
Meet Link:
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah , Karakoram International University, Pakistan
"Review Use of Modern Technologies in creating Smart Cities "
Session moderated by Prof. Rani EL MEOUCHE, ESTP, Paris
Meet Link: Meet Link:
Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
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Thursday  October 08 , 2020

Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Session 13
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Session 17
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Session 21
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Conference Closure
Meet Link:

Session 1 : Smart City 1; Chair: Prof. Domingos SANTOS, IPCB Portugal
Meet Link:
50: Conceptual Model Of 3d Asset Management Based On Myspata To Support Smart City Application In Malaysia
Amalin A'ishah Mohd Nasir, Suhaibah Azri, Uznir Ujang
51: Exploratory Study Of 3d Point Cloud Triangulation For Smart City Modelling And Visualization
Shakirah Amirah Mohd Ariff, Suhaibah Azri, Uznir Ujang
79: Activity Recognition For Ambient Sensing Data And Rule Based Anomaly Detection
Ehsan Seyedkazemi Ardebili, Süleyman Eken*, Kerem Küçük
55: Understanding Of Smart Cities, Digital Cities And Intelligent Cities: Similarities And Differences
Duygu Çinar Umdu, Ebru Alakavuki
63: Leveraging Maturity Assessment To Choose The Right Applications For Smart Cities: Turkey's Approach
seyin Bayraktar, Dursun Yıldırım Bayar, Bestami Kara, Gökhan Bilgin
64: National Smart Cities Strategy And Action Plan: The Turkey's Smart Cities Approach
Eda Soylu Sengör, Harun Badem, Hakan Güven, Dursun Yıldırım Bayar

Session 2 : Smart Waste Management 1; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Omar Dakkak, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
33: A New Approach To Manage Domestic Wastewater In Smart City
Aziz Taouraout, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Driss BELGHYTI, Imane TAHA, Moamed Lachhab
69: Environmental Challenges Of Solid Waste Management In Moroccan Cities
Ayoub El Atmani, Isslam Belhaili, Khadija El Kharrim, Douae El Khachine, Driss Belghyti
178: Recent trends in Green Computing
Surayya Obaid, Hiba Tariq, Narmeen Bawany, Aimun Tahir
70: Physico-Chemical And Mineralogical Characterization Of The Residual Sludge From The Tamuda Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Tétouan, Morocco
Douae El Khachine, Isslam Belhaili, Salah Ait-Si, Ayoub El Atmani, Khadija El Kharrim, Driss Belghyti
71: Evaluation Of The Purification Performance Of The Purification Station (Wwtp) By Aered Lagunage Of The City Of Oujda (Morocco)
Isslam Belhaili, Khadija El Kharrim, Ali Alemad, Ayoub El Atmani, Touria Aissati

Session 3 : Social Media Analysis 1; Chair: Prof. Yassine ELYUSSFI FSTT Morooco
Meet link:
19: Sentiment Analysis And Opinion Mining Using Deep Learning For The Reviews On Google Play
Sercan Sari, Murat Kalender
75: A New Sentiment Analysis System Of Climate Change For Smart City Governance Based On Deep Learning
Mustapha Lydiri, Yousef El Mourabit, Youssef EL HABOUZ
85: Topic Modeling And Sentiment Analysis With Lda And Nmf On Moroccan Tweets
192: Structural Similarity Measure Of Users Profiles Based On A Weighted Bipartite Graphs
Ibtissam Elachkar, Hind ouzif, El Houssine Labriji
99: Sentiment Analysis. A Comparative Of Machine Learning And Fuzzy Logic In The Study Case Of Brexit Sentiment On Social Media
Ihab Moudhich, Soumaya Loukili, Abdelhadi Fennan

Session 4 : Covid-19 1 ; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Yüksel Çelik, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
3: A Framework For Concurrent Contact-Tracing And Digital Evidence Analysis In Heterogenous Environments
Stacey Baror, H S Venter, Victor Kebande
57: Covid-19 Patient Classification Strategy Using A Hybrid Bwm-Svm Model
Samira Achki, Layla Aziz
97: A Smart Surveillance Prototype Ensures The Respect Of Social Distance During Covid19
Ikram Ben abdel ouahab, lotfi elaachak, Fatiha Elouaai, Mohammed Bouhorma
44: Smart Pandemic Management Through A Smart, Resilient And Flexible Decision-Making System
Zineb Boudanga, Mezzour ghita, Siham Benhadou
36:Internet Of Things For Smart Healthcare : A Review On A Potential Iot Based System And Technologies To Control Covid-19 Pandemic
Mohamed Ennafiri, Tomader Mazri

Session 5 : Smart Waste Management 2; Chair: Prof. Olga Sergeyeva Saint Petersburg University Russia
Meet Link:
93: Prediction Of Pollutant Concentrations By Meteorological Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Kezban Alpan, Boran Sekeroglu
107: Study Of The Purification Performance Of The Natural Lagunating Technique Of The Purification Station Of The City Of Outat El Haj – Morocco
307: Mathematical Modelling of pollution filtration through thin Random fissures between two porous media
180: Concrete Recycling: Social And Environmental Technical Gain For Smart Cities
Khaoula NAOUAOUI, Azzeddine BOUYAHYAOUI, Toufik Cherradi
171: Exploitation Of The Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant By Activated Sludge In The Airport Area Of The City Ben Slimane (Morocco)
Mohamed NAJY, Fatima Zahra TALBI, Hassan ECH-CHAFAY, Moamed Lachhab, Mohamed El Qryefy, Driss BELGHYTI
202: Indexing Approach For The Evaluation Of Heavy Metals In Drinking Water Produced By A Moroccan Water Treatment Plant
Abderrahman ACHHAR, Mohamed NAJY, Driss BELGHYTI, El mehdi AL IBRAHIMI
20: Typological study of the water of the Boufekrane River (Meknes, Morocco)
Imane TAHA, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Mustapha Samih, Driss Bengoumi, Aziz Taouraout, Khadija Ouarrak, Rachid Sammoudi

Session 6 : Smart City 2; Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adib Habbal, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
77: Cma-Ev: A Context Management Architecture Extended By Event And Variability Management
Zineb AARAB, Asmae El Ghazi, Rajaa SAIDI, Moulay Driss RAHMANI
145: Planning And Designing Smart Sustainable Cities: The Centrality Of Citizens Engagement
Sukaina Al-Nasrawi
161: Territorial Competitiveness And Smart City: Benchmarking Analysis Of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Cairo, And Rabat
khadija AHOUZI, Hicham ASSYAKH, Latifa NAIT HADDOU, Abdelaziz MESSAOUADI
181: Towards Green Smart Cities: Importance Of Urban Forestry And Urban Vegetation
Zennure Ucar, Abdullah Emin Akay, Ebru Bilici
223: Application Of Exploratory Spatial Techniques In The Identification Of Tourism Hotspots In The Aegean Region Of Turkey
Asma Rafique, Ismail Rakip Karas, Sohaib K.M Abujayyab, Ashfak Ahmad Khan
121: Electronic public services in the AI era
Hajar HADI

Session 7 : Iot Technologies And Connectivity Architectures ; Chair: Prof. Rachid SAADANE EHTPC Morocco
Meet Link:
18: Design And Realization Of An Iot Prototype For Location Remote Monitoring Via A Web Application
IRID Sidi Mohammed Hadj, Hadjila Mourad, ADARDOUR Haroun Errachid, NOUALI Ibrahim Yassine
183: Operating Models Of Network Protocols Iot : Long-Range Protocols
Sakina Elhadi, Abdelaziz Marzak, Nawal SAEL
204: A Multimodal Memes Classification: A Survey And Open Research Issues
Tariq Habib Afridi, aftab alam, Muhammad Numan Khan, Jawad Khan, Young-Koo Lee
198: Introduction To Integrate The Cellular Automata Concept Within The Internet Of Things: The Use Of The Dynamic Management Of Bridge Approach
Fatima Zahra CHAFI, Youssef FAKHRI
158: A Review On Indoor Localization With Internet Of Things
Chaimaa Basri, Ahmed Elkhadimi

Session 8 : Social Media Analysis 2; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Caner Ozcan, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link :
200: A Novel Approach Of Community Detection Using Association Rules Learning : Application To Users' Friendship Of Online Social Networks
152: Temporal Sentiment Analysis Of Socially Important Locations Of Social Media Users
alper ecemiş, Ahmet Şakir Dokuz, Mete Celik
153: Arabic Sentiment Analysis Based On 1-D Convolutional Neural Network
109: Review of Learning-Based Techniques of Sentiment Analysis for Security Purposes
Mohammed Boukabous, Mostafa AZIZI

Session 9 : Natural Language Processing ; Chair: Prof. Anas EL HADDADI, ENSAH Morocco
Meet Link:
67: Seq2seq Vs Sketch Filling Structure For Natural Language To Sql Translation
Karam Ahkouk, Mustapha Machkour, khadija majhadi, Rachid Mama
169: Transformation Of Smart Text Processing: Emoji Classification For Arabic And Turkish Languages
Burak Parlak
160: Recognition Of Arabic Handwritten Text By Integrating N-Gram Model
ASMAE LAMSAF, Mounir Aitkerroum, Siham Boulaknadel, Youssef FAKHRI
205: Preprocessing Arabic Dialect For Sentiment Mining: State Of Art
Zineb NASSR, Nawal SAEL, Faouzia BENABBOU

Session 10 : Smart Modeling Systems ; Chair: Prof. wassila Mtalaa, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Meet Link:
12 : Intersection Modeling Using Generalized Fuzzy Graph Coloring
Sidina boudaakat, Mohamed Amine Basmassi, Ahmed REBBANI, Jihane ALAMI CHENTOUFI, Lamia BENAMEUR, Omar BOUATTANE
28: Using The Total Exploratory Factor Analysis (T-Efa) As A Calibration Technique For Sleuth Model
Ismail Ercument AYAZLI
113: A Multi-Agent System Based On Mcdm Approach For Multi-Modal Transportation Problem Resolution
Jihane LARIOUI, Abdeltif EL BYED
112: A Novel Greedy Genetic Algorithm To Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problem
Mohamed Amine Basmassi, Lamia BENAMEUR, Jihane ALAMI CHENTOUFI
156: Numerical Simulation Of The Behavior Of High Density Polyethylene Under V Notch
Rabiaa elkori, Abdelilah HACHIM, Amal Laamarti, Khalid Elhad
177: A Review Of Anomalies Detection Based On Association Rules Techniques
Imane Sadgali, Nawal SAEL, Faouzia BENABBOU

Session 11 : Smart Education & Intelligent Learning Systems 1 ; Chair: Prof. Abderrahim El MHOUTI FSTH Morocco
Meet Link:
4 : National University Of Uzbekistan On The Way To The Smart University
Abdugapur Karimkhodjaev, Mukhtorali Nishonov
14: Smart Pedagogical Knowledge Management Model For Higher Education
Meriyem Chergui, Aziza Chakir, Hajar Mansouri & Adil Sayouti
86: Smart Integration Of Evaluation Activities In The Framework Of Physical Optics Mooc (Mooc Uca-002) Of The Mun Platform
Said MACHWATE, Ismail Mekkaoui Alaoui
96: The Recommendation Of A Practical Guide For Doctoral Students Using Recommendation System Algorithms In The Education Field
Oumaima STITINI, Omar BENCHAREF, Soulaimane KALOUN
90: The Mobile Serious Game "Easy Html": Scenarios And Perspectives
Chaimae MEFTAH, Asmaa Retbi, Samir BENNANI, Mohammed KHALIDI IDRISSI
72: Design Students Viewpoint On Bim: A Preliminary Assessment Of The Indicators
Dursun Furkan Capkin, Umit Isikdag*, Togan Tong

Session 12 : Smart Earth & Smart Agriculture : Chair: Prof Dr Abdullah Emin Akay, Bursa Technical University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
49: Decisional Tree Models For Land Cover Mapping And Change Detection Based On Phenological Behaviors
Badr-eddine Sebbar, Aicha MOUMNI, Abderrahman Lahrouni
191: Deep Learning-Based Reconstruction Of Spatiotemporally Fused Satellite Images For Smart Agriculture Applications In A Heterogeneous Agricultural Region.
Abdelaziz Htitiou, Abdelghani Boudhar, Youssef Lebrini, Tarik Benabdelouahab
230: Land Surveying Studies in Building Control System for Smart Cities
Guler Yalcin
80: Study Of Climate Change During The Period (2009-2018) In The Region Of Sidi Slimane -Morocco.'
13: Visualising Urban Air Quality Using Aermod, Calpuff And Cfd Models: A Critical Review
Nurfairunnajiha Ridzuan, Uznir Ujang, Suhaibah Azri, Liat Choon Tan
81: IoTree: A Way towards Smart Plantation
Tehreem Qamar, Surayya Obaid, Hiba Tariq, Aimun Tahir, Namrah Komal
146: Diversity and seasonal occurrence of sand flies and the impact of climatic change in Aichoune locality, Central Morocco
Fatima Zahra TALBI, Mohamed NAJY, Mouhcine Fadil, Nordine Nouayti, Abdelhakim El Ouali Lalami

Session 13 : Deep Learning : Chair: Prof. Lotfi El ACHAAK FSTT Morocco
Meet Link:
78: Building Detection From Sar Images Using U-Net Deep Learning Model
Recai Alper Emek, Nusret Demir
222: Human Activity Recognition Based On Smartphone Sensor Data Using Cnn
kenan ismail, Kasım Özacari
94: Video Activity Recognition Based On Objects Detection Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Mounir Boudmagh, Adlen Kerboua, Mohammed Redjimi
108: Convolutional Neural Network For Identifying Human Emotions With Different Head Poses
Wafa MELLOUK, Wahida Handouzi
211: Hand Pose Estimation Based on Deep Learning
Marwane BEL-LAHCEN, El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Cédric Stéphane KOUMETIO TEKOUABOU
159: A Survey On Deep Learning-Based Approaches To Estimation Of 3d Human Pose And Shape From Images For The Smart Environments
Shadi Maleki Arasi, Ehsan Seyedkazemi Ardebili
17: A comparative study between the most usable object detection methods based on deep convolutional neural networks
Ayyoub Fakhari, Mohamed LAZAAR, Hicham Omara

Session 14: Smart Mobility And Intelligent Infrasctructures 1; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Kasım Özacar, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
185: Last Mile Logistics In The Framework Of Smart Cities: A Typology Of City Logistics Schemes
186: DSRC Vs LTE V2X For Autonomous Vehicle Connectivity
KAWTAR JELLID, Tomader Mazri
190: Evolutionary Heuristic For Avoiding Traffic Jams In Road Network Using A* Search Algorithm
SAFA BELHAOUS, Soumia chokri, Sohaib Baroud, Mohammed Mestari, Khalid Bentalleb
219: Determining Smart Intersections For Smart City Applications Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Techniques
Tuğrul URFALI, Abdurrahman EYMEN
155: Encryption Issues In Traffic Control Systems In Smart Cities And Traffic Signal Control Optimization
Diedon Bujari, Erke Aribas
209: Parking availability prediction in Smart City
El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Cédric Stéphane KOUMETIO TEKOUABOU

Session 15 : 3D Modelling & Augmented Reality1; Chair: Prof. Ait Kbir Mhamed FSTT Morocco
Meet Link:
23: Scan-To-Bim Workflow Applied To The Heritage Conservation. Case Of Bab Mansour In Meknes, Morocco
Sofia Hakdaoui, Anas Emran, Alfred Homère Ngandam Mfondoum
203: Segmentation-based 3D Point Cloud Classification on a Large-Scale and Indoor Semantic Segmentation Dataset
Ali Saglam, Nurdan Akhan Baykan
27: Post-Earthquake 3d Building Model (Lod2) Generation From Uas Imagery: The Case Of Vrisa Traditional Settlement, Lesvos, Greece.
Konstantinos Chaidas, Georgios Tataris, Nikolaos Soulakellis
29: Appropriateness Of Using Citygml Standard Version 2.0 For Developing 3d City Model In Oman
Khalid Al Kalbani, Alias Abdul Rahman
106: 3D City Modelling Toward Conservation And Management. The Digital Documentation Of Museu Do Ipiranga - Usp, San Paulo, Brazil
Marcello Balzani, Luca Rossato, Fabiana Raco*, Beatriz Mugayar Kühl
147: Investigating The Effects Of Population Growth And Urban Fabric On The Simulation Of A 3d City Model
Rani EL MEOUCHE, Mojtaba ESLAHI, Anne Ruas
34: Which Way Is 'Yildiz Amfi'? Augmented Reality Vs. Paper Map On Pedestrian Wayfinding
Berk Anbaroglu, Buğra Coşkun, Hasan Gürler

Session 16 : Smart Education & Intelligent Learning Systems 2; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nehad Ramaha, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
103: Piloting Competences In Lean Management Context
176: E-Learning At The Service Of Professionalization In Higher Education In Morocco: The Case Of Moocs Of The Maroc Université Numérique Platform
Sara Rochdi, Nadia EL OUESDADI
165: Methods And Software Tools For Automated Synthesis Of Adaptive Learning Trajectory In Intelligent Online Learning Management Systems
Mariia Dutchak, Mykola Kozlenko, Ihor Lazarovych, Nadiia Lazarovych, Mykola Pikuliak, Ivan Savka
133: Methodology to Develop Serious Games for Primary Schools
Younes Alaoui, lotfi elaachak, Mohammed Bouhorma
193: Collaborative Tutoring: A Multi-Tutor Approach
Mourad Ennaji, Hadhoum Boukachour, Mustapha Machkour, Younes Kabbadj
138: A Comparative Study Between K-Nearest Neighbors And K-Means Clustering Techniques Of Collaborative Filtering In E-Learning Environment
Rajae Zriaa, Said AMALI

Session 17 : Smart Mobility And Intelligent Infrasctructures 2; Chair: Prof. BOUDHIR Anouar Abdelhakim FSTT Morocco
Meet Link:
9: A New Distributed Startegy To Find A Bi-Objectve Optimal Path Toward A Parking In The City
khaoula hassoune, Mehdi hassoune
76: Genetic Algorithm For Optimizing Distribution With Route Restriction Constraint Due To Traffic Jams
Nabil mouttaki, Jamal BENHRA, Ghita RGUIGA
83: Geometric Feature Extraction Of Road From Uav Based Point Cloud Data
Mustafa Zeybek, Serkan Bicici
68: Study To Reduce The Costs Of International Trade Operations Through Container Traffic In A Smart Port
Ouail El Imrani
31: Smart Infrastructure and Integrated Platform of Smart and Sustainable Cities
Maysoun Ibrahim
119: 5g: Architecture Overview And Deployments Scenarios
Imane Zaame, Tomader Mazri
52: Specification Of Logistic Chain Sustainability: Environmental, Social And Economic Issues
Abdelhay HADDACH

Session 18 : Smart GIS And Territorial Intelligence; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sohaib Abujayyab, Karabuk University, Türkiye
Meet Link:
111: Tree Inventory Registration System
Kezban Alpan, Boran Sekeroglu
179: Developing A Mobile Application For Smart Real Estate Information
Arif Cagdas Aydinoglu, Rabia Bovkir
167: Using Gis-Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Techniques In The Smart Cities
Suleyman Sisman, Arif Cagdas Aydinoglu
168: Climate-Smart Landscapes For Sustainable Cities
214: Measuring The Spatial Readiness Of Ambulance Facilities For Natural Disasters Using Gis Networks Analysis
Anas Awad, Haytham Ali, Sohaib K. M. Abujayyab, Ismail. R. Karas, Dyah Respati Suryo Sumunar
244: Mobile-Web Based Volunteered Geographic Information Application Intended For Traffic Accidents And Geometric Accuracy Analysis
Hacer Kubra Sevinc, İ. R.Karas
21: The Integration Of Bim And Gis In Construction Project – A Data Consistency Review
Wan Nor Faaizah Wan Abdul Basir, Uznir Ujang, Zulkepli Majid, Suhaibah Azri, Liat Choon Tan

Session 19 : Smart Grid & Renewable Energy; Chair: Prof. Hanae EL KALKHA ENSAT Morocco
Meet Link:
114: Machine Learning And Iot For Smart Grid
Mountassir FOUAD, Mohammed BOUSMAH, Reda MALI, Abdessalam Lmouatassime
120: Appliance-Level Monitoring With Micro-Moment Smart Plugs
Abdullah Alsalemi, Yassine Himeur, Faycal Bensaali, Abbes Amira
123: 3d High-Efficiency And High-Precision Model-Driven Modelling For Power Transmissiontower
Zhengrong Wu, Hao Wang, Wenhui Yu, Jianfei Xi, Weigang Lei, Tao Tang
124: A Method For Extracting Substation Equipment Based On Uav Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Wenhui Yu, Jianfei Xi, Zhengrong Wu, Weigang Lei, Changyu Zhu, Tao Tang
163: Multi-Layer Ws2 And Mos2 Based Plasmonic Solar Cell For Smart Energy Harvesting
Zakariae Oumekloul, Younes Achaoui, Abdellah Mir, Abdellatif Akjouj
189: Comparative Study Via Three Mppt Techniques Methods For Pv Systems
Mohamed CHOUIEKH, Amine Lilane, Karim Benkirane, Mohamed Abid, Dennoun Saifaoui

Session 20 : Smart Healthcare ; Chair: Prof. Parthasarathy Subashini, Avinashilingam University, India
Meet Link:
7: Mapping Function Algorithm For Smart Mobile Health Care System For Assisted Service Request And Delivery For Aged Personsy
Israel Edem Agbehadji, Bankole Awuzie, Alfred Beati Ngowi
127: Patient Classification Using The Hybrid Ahp-Cnn Approach
Layla Aziz, Samira ACHKI
105: Skin Cancer Prediction And Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural Network (Cnn) Deep Learning Algorithm
Hajar Mousannif, Hiba Asri, Mohamed Mansoura, Anas Mourahhib, Yassine Isaouy, Mouad Marmouchi
130: Patient Transport And Mobile Health Workforce: Framework And Research Perspectives
yosra lahmer, Hend Bouziri, Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa
236: Semantic Web and Healthcare System In IoT Enabled Smart Cities
Barakat adeyinka dawood, Melike sah
98: Security Threats In Smart Healthcare
Tomader Mazri, Najlae El-BAKKOURI

Session 21 : Smart Mobility And Intelligent Infrasctructures 3; Chair: Prof. Abdessamad EL RHARRASS EHTPC Morocco / 14h00-15h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
116: A Novel Mobile Crowdsensing Architecture For Road Safety
Wahiba Abou-zbiba, Hajar El Gadi, Houda Benbrahim, Hanan El Bakkali, Driss Benhaddou
166: Classification Of The Driver's Emotions Using A Convolutional Neural Network
Abdelfettah Soultana, Faouzia BENABBOU, Nawal SAEL
143: Toward Flexible Data Collection Of Driving Behavior
Mohammed AMEKSA, Hajar Mousannif, Hassan AL MOATASSIME, Zouhair Elamrani Abou Elassad
126: Dynamic On Demand Responsive Transport With Time-Dependent Customer Load
Sonia Nasri
196: Deep learning based driver's fatigue detection framework
Zakaria Boucetta, Abdelaziz El Fazziki, Mohamed El Adnani
74: The global performance of a service supply chain: A simulation-optimization under Arena
Badr BENTALHA, Aziz HMIOUI, Lhoussaine Alla
117: An Overview Of Real-Time Traffic Sign Detection And Classification
Youssef Taki

Session 22 : Smart Economy And Digital Business; Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mete Çelik, Erciyes University, Türkiye / 14h00-15h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
26: Leveraging Dynamicity And Process Mining In Ad-Hoc Business Process
Zineb Lamghari, Rajaa SAIDI, maryam Radgui, Moulay Driss Rahmani
42: An Efficient Collaborative Filtering And Graph Approach For Business-Matching System
Anas Sabbani, Anass El HADDADI, Hayat Routaib
89: A New Artificial Intelligence Based Strategy For Digital Marketing Reinforcement
Mouna Boujrad, Yasser Lamlili
149: Data Mining And Machine Learning Techniques Applied To Digital Marketing Domain Needs
SARA Ahsain, M'hamed AIT KBIR
182: Assessment Of Blockchain Technology Adoption Factors And Scenarios Within The Economy Of Latvia
Natalija Kostrikova
88: Svm : An Approach To Detect Illicit Transaction In The Bitcoin Network
Abdelaziz Elbaghdadi, Soufiane Mezroui, Ahmed El Oualkadi

Session 23 : Smart Security 1; Chair: Prof. Yassine SADQI FSTB Morocco / 14h00-15h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
142: Fall Detection For Pedestrians In Video-Surveillance
53: The Security Of Mqtt Above The Applications Protocols For Iot
Imane Sahmi, Tomader Mazri, Nabil Hmina
65: Hardware Trojan Detection In Heterogeneous Systems On Chip
Mohammed Redjimi, Billel Guechi
84: Security Study Of Routing Attacks In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (Vanets)
Youssef Khayati, Tomader Mazri
66: A Study Of Smart Campus Environment And Its Security Attacks
Ghizlane IKRISSI, Tomader Mazri
132: An Open Source Mail Server Migration Experience: Iredmail
Nuh Azgınoğlu

Session 24 : 3D Modelling & Augmented Reality 2; Chair: Dr Ali Jamali, Iran / 14h00-15h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
150: Digital Models And 3d Visualization In Archaeological Contexts. The Survey Of The Tombs Of The Kings In The City Of Verghina In Macedonia
173: 3D Documentation Of Göreme Saklı Church
SÜMEYYE ERTÜRK, leyla kaderli
221: Lidar Drived 3D City Modelling
Nizar Polat
122: 3D Geomatric Extraction Using Point Cloud Segmentation for Asset Management
Syameer Faiz Khir Anuar, Amalin A'ishah Mohd Nasir, Suhaibah Azri, Uznir Ujang
216: A Review Of The Distinguishing Features Of The Historical Buildings In Safranbolu Region For The Purpose Of Classification For Semantically Enhanced 3d Building Model
Mustafa Aksin, İ. R.Karas
151: Virtual Reality–Enhanced soft and hard skills development environment for Higher Education l
Abdelouahab Abid

Session 25 : Smart Devices & Softwares: Chair: Prof. Nabil BENAYA FSTH Morocco / 15h45-17h15 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
101: Design Of A New Cp Microstrip Patch Antennas For Wpt To A Uav At 5.8gh
Salah IHLOU, Hafid Tizyi, Abdelmajid Bakkali, Ahmed El Abbassi, Jaouad Foshi
184:Investigation Of Ultrasonic Opacity Based On Quarter-Wave Mode Resonance Using A Two-Dimensional Silicon Phononic Crystal
Abdelfattah El madani, Saad Bensallam, Majid Idrissi, Mahmoud Addouche, Aliyasin El Ayouch, Abdelkrim Khelif, Abella Bouaaddi, Younes Achaoui, Hicham Jakjoud
137: A 3-Dof Cable-Driven Robotic Ankle Rehabilitation Device
Romel Saysay, Renann Baldovino
187: A Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Implementation based on Deep Learning and Real Signals
Mohammed SABER, Abdellah Chehri, Abdessamad El Rharras, Rachid Saadane, Mohammed Wahbi
201: Design of Folded Dipole with U Shaped Slot UHF RFID Tag using Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Healthcare Sensing Applications
ibtissame BOUHASSOUNE, Rachid SAADANE, Hasna CHAIBI, Abdellah Chehri
141: Flexible Query Systems For Relational Databases
Rachid MAMA, Mustapha Machkour, Mourad Ennaji, Karam Ahkouk

Session 26 : Big Data & Parralel Computing; Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Yasin Ortakçı, Karabuk University, Türkiye / 15h45-17h15 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
59: Network Analysis Of The Stack Overflow Tags
Zahir Edrees
95: Feature Learning Of Patent Networks Using Tensor Decomposition
Mohamed Maskittou, EL HADDADI ANASS, Hayat Routaib
131: Lambda-Ivr: An Indexing Framework For Video Big Data Retrieval Using Distributed In-Memory Computation In The Cloud
Muhammad Numan Khan, aftab alam, Khali Shah, Tariq Habib Afridi, Young-Koo Lee
5: Video Big Data Analytics In The Cloud: Research Issues And Challenges
Aftab Alam, Khali Shah, Muhammad Numan Khan, Tariq Habib Afridi, Irfan Ullah, Young-Koo Lee
157: Parallel Computing For Multi-Core Systems: Current Issues, Challenges And Perspectives
Soumia chokri, Sohaib Baroud, SAFA BELHAOUS, Mohammed Mestari
237: Semantic Web and Business Intelligence in Big-Data and Cloud Computing Era
Adedoyin ahmed hussain, Fadi alturjman, Melike sah

Session 27 : Image Processing & Recognition Systems; Chair: Prof. Ehlem ZIGH, INTTIC, Algeria / 15h45-17h15 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
11: Face Sketch Recognition: Gender Classification Using Eyebrow Features And Bayes Classifier
Khalid Ounachad, Mohamed Oualla, Abdelalim Sadiq
32: Static And Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Contourlet Tronsform
Roumiassa Ferhat, Fatma zohra Chelali, Salah eddine Agab
118: Deep Learning Based 3d Face Recognition Using Derived Features From Point Cloud
Muhammed Enes Atik, Zaide Duran
144: Performance Analyses Of Aes And 3des Algorithms For Encryption Of Satellite Images
Yasin ortakcı, Mohammed Yaseen Abdullah Al-Hayani
154: Geo-Tagged Image Retrieval From Mapillary Street Images For A Target Building
Naime Çelik, Emre Sümer
170: Smart Guest Virtual Assistant With Automatic Guest Registration
Mohammed Hussain, Abdullah Hussein, Mohamed Basel Almourad

Session 28 : Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory; Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ümit Işıkdağ, Mimar Sinan University, Türkiye / 15h45-17h15 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
30: A Framework Of Integrating Condition Based Maintenance Programs And Wireless Sensor Network In The Context Of Industry 4.0
Soukaina Sadiki
92: Modeling The Use Of Rfid Technology In Smart Processes
Ihsane Abouzid
134: A Machine Learning Approach For Initial Screening Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (Pcos)
Joshua Rei Jaralba, Renann Baldovino, Homer Co
136: Real Time Release Approach: At-Line Prediction Of Ascorbic Acid Concentration In Nutraceutical Syrup Via Artificial Neural Network
Renann Baldovino, Mikhael Anthony Felipe

Session 29 : Covid-19 2; Chair: Prof. Abdelouahab ABID Islamic University of Madinah Arabie saoudite / 17h30-18h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
210: Towards Automatic Diagnosis of the COVID-19 Based on Machine Learning
El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Cédric Stéphane KOUMETIO TEKOUABOU
175: Deep Learning Based Mask Detection in Smart Home Entries During the Epidemic Process
Bahtiyar Cerit, Raif BAYIR
195: Development of a simulator to model the spread of Coronavirus infection in a closed space
Mohammad Almechkor, lotfi elaachak, Fatiha Elouaai, Mohammed Bouhorma
8: Survey Of Global Efforts To Fight Covid-19: Standardization, Territorial Intelligence, Ai And Countries' Experiences
Zineb Boudanga, Mezzour ghita, Siham Benhadou
208: Covid -19: Performance of e-commerce in Morocco

Session 30 : Smart Security 2; Chair: Prof. GHADI Abderrahim FSTT/UAE Morocco / 17h30-18h30 Turkiye Time (UTC+3)
Meet Link:
213: Using Transfer Learning For Classificaiton Of Malwares Represented As Images
PRIMA Bouchaib, Mohammed Bouhorma
115: How Much Your Cloud Management Platform Is Secure? Openstack Use Case
Najat TISSIR, Said El Kafhali, Noureddine Aboutabit
212:Design Challenges and Assessment of Modern Web Applications Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
Yassine Sadqi, Manal Mekkaoui
188: International Security Standards For Critical Oil, Gas, And Electricity Infrastructures In Smart Cities: A Survey Study
Cevat Ozarpa, Muhammed Ali Aydın, Isa Avcı

Conference topics

The technical program will consist of, but is not limited to, the following topics of interest:

  • Geo-Smart Information Systems
  • Case Studies, Business Models and Innovative
  • Applications for Smarter Cities
  • Urban Logistics Innovations,
  • Location Based Services
  • Frameworks and Models for Smart City Initiatives
  • Safety, Security, and Privacy for Smart Cities
  • Smartphone-based positioning
  • Territorial Intelligence
  • Smart environments and Ambient Spatial Intelligence
  • Smart Citizens & Educational Sciences
  • 3D and Augmented Reality, Transportation Applications
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Planning and Design Challenges for Smart Cities

  • GeoInformation for Mobile
  • Big Data & Data Analysis for e-Health
  • 3D City Modeling and Visualization
  • Smart systems for medical monitoring
  • Urban social Networks, Internet of Things technologies,
  • Medical Image analysis and processing
  • Wearable Technologies and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • E-Health Architectures
  • Wearable devices for E-health
  • Smart Environment and Smart Agriculture
  • Mobile and Telemedecine Applications
  • Smart Healthcare, Economy and Digital Business
  • Cloud infrastructures for E-health

  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Retail
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Logistics
  • Secure Transactions
  • Smart Education and Intelligent Learning System
  • Smart Building and Home Automation
  • Sustainable Computing And Systems
  • Energy-Aware Systems And Technologies
  • Security in E-Health
  • Usability and Ubiquity in E-Health

  • Smart learning: Concepts and strategies
  • Smart learning environments
  • E-learning, smart E-learning
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  • Smart Mobile Learning
  • Cloud learning
  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Serious Games
  • Intelligent Governance & Digital Policy
  • Smart Economy and Digital Marketing
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Big Data and Urban Data Analytics

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Alias Abdul Rahman

Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Talk Title : Smart Cities and Geo-Spatial Technologies


Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah

Karakoram International University, Pakistan

Talk Title :__________________________________


Prof. Dr. Şule Erten Ela

Ege University, Türkiye

Talk Title : Smart Cities and Energy


Prof. Dr. Bülent Bayram

Yildiz Technical University, Türkiye

Talk Title : Overview to the Segmentation of Satellite Images by Using Deep Learning



Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work. All accepted papers will be published as a Chapter in the Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems LNNS Book Series (SCOPUS indexed) OR as a Full Paper or Extended Abstract (Short Paper) in the ISPRS Archives (SCOPUS, ISI-CPCI, and DOAJ indexed) depending on the author's preference.


  1. If you submit your paper for the SPRINGER, the paper must be prepared by using the template MS Word or LaTeX (12-15 pages) as PDF file.

  2. If you submit your paper for the ISPRS Archives, the paper must follow Orange Book format (Up to the 8 pages for Full Papers. 1000-1500 words for Extended Abstracts). Click here to see an example for Extended Abstract (Short Paper). Click here to see an example for Full Paper.

According to the format of the paper you submitted, your paper will be categorized to the ISPRS or Springer. The direct link for paper submission is;

Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (double submission), urkund plagiarism checker will be used to detect plagiarism. Each paper will be reviewed by at least three regular PC members in tow rounds of review. The number of co-authors of each article must not exceed 4. The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical depth, elegance, practical or theoretical impact, and presentation. Authors of high quality papers will also be invited to submit an extended version of their work for potential publication in a special issue/section of an international journal.


Steering Committee

  • İsmail Rakıp Karaș, Karabuk University, Turkey
  • Alias Abdul Rahman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Mohamed Wahbi, EHTP Casablanca, Morocco
  • Mohammed BOUHORMA, FST, Tangier UAE University, Morocco
  • Chaker EL AMRANI, FST, Tangier UAE University, Morocco
  • Bernard Dousset, UPS, Toulouse, France
  • Rachid Saadane, EHTP Casablanca, Morocco
  • ALI Youness, FS, Tetouan, Morocco
  • ALAOUI ABDELLAOUI El Arbi, EIGSI Casablanca, Morocco

Organizing Committee

Conference Chair Conference Co-Chairs
  • Mohamed Ben Ahmed, FST, Tangier UAE University, Morocco
  • Anouar Boudhir Abdelhakim, FST, Tangier UAE University, Morocco
  • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Organizing Committee

  • Ben Ahmed Mohamed, FST Tangier, Morocco
  • Olga Sergeyeva, Saint-Petersburg University, Russia.
  • Wassila Mtalaa, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
  • DOMINGOS SANTOS, Polytechnic Institute Castelo Branco, Portugal
  • Joel Rodrigues, National Institute of Telecommunications , Brazil
  • Luís BRAGANCA, University of Minho, Portugal
  • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Senthil Kumar, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India
  • Amine El Haddadi, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France

Local Organizing Committee

  • Idris Kahraman, Karabuk University
  • Emrullah Demiral, Karabuk University
  • Mustafa Aksin, Karabuk University
  • Kadriye Oz, Karabuk University
  • Hacer Kübra Köse, Sinop University
  • Berna Gunes, Karabuk University
  • Umit Atila, Karabuk University
  • Kasim Ozacar, Karabuk University
  • Yasin Ortakci, Karabuk University
  • Muhammed Kamil Turan, Karabuk University
  • Sohaib Abujayyab, Karabuk University, Turkey
  • Emre Yücer, Karabuk University

Scientific Committee

  • Ismail Rakip Karas, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem, Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • Abderrahim Ghadi ,FSTT UAE, Morocco
  • Abdullah Elen, Bandirma Onyedi Eylül University, Türkiye
  • Abdullah Emin Akay, Bursa Technical University, Türkiye
  • Abdurrahman Geymen, Erciyes University, Türkiye
  • Accorsi, Riccardo, Bologna University, Italy
  • Adib Habbal, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Adnan Alajeeli, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Aftab Ahmed Khan, Karakoram International University, Pakistan
  • Ahmad S. Almogren, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, Babylon University, Iraq
  • Alabdulkarim Lamya,King Saud University,Saudi Arabia
  • Alghamdi Jarallah, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Jamali, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Alias Abdul Rahman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Anabtawi Mahasen, Al-Quds University, Palestine
  • Anton Yudhana, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
  • Arif Çağdaş Aydinoglu, Gebze Technical University, Türkiye
  • Arioua Mounir UAE, Morocco
  • Assaghir Zainab , Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • Astitou Abdelali, UAE, Morocco
  • Aydın Üstün, Kocaeli University, Türkiye
  • Aziz Mahboub ,FSTT UAE, Morocco
  • Bahadır Ergun, Gebze Technical University, Türkiye
  • Barış Kazar, Oracle, USA
  • Bataev Vladimir ,Zaz Ventures, Switzerland
  • Behnam Alizadehashrafi, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran
  • Behnam Atazadeh, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Ben Yahya Sadok, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia
  • Bessai-Mechmach Fatma Zohra, CERIST, Algeria,
  • Biswajeet Pradhan, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Berk Anbaroğlu, Hacettepe University, Türkiye
  • Bolulmalf Mohammed, UIR, Morocco
  • Boutejdar Ahmed, German Research Foundation, Bonn, Germany
  • Burhan Selcuk, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Bulent Bayram, Yildiz Technical University, Türkiye
  • Caner Ozcan, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Caner Güney, Istanbul Technical University, Türkiye
  • Chadli Lala Saadia, University Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco
  • Cumhur Şahin, Gebze Technical University, Türkiye
  • Damir Žarko, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • Dominique Groux, UPJV, France
  • Dousset Bernard UPS, Toulouse, France
  • Edward Duncan, The University of Mines & Technology, Ghana
  • Eehab Hamzi Hijazi, An-Najah University, Palestine
  • El Kafhali Said, Hassan 1st University, Settat, Morocco
  • Eftal Şehirli, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • El Malahi Mostafa, USMBA University, Fez, Morocco
  • El Mhouti Abderrahim, FST, Al-Hoceima, Morocco
  • El Haddadi Anass, UAE University, Morocco
  • El Hebeary Mohamed Rashad, Cairo University, Egypt

Scientific Committee

  • El Ouarghi Hossain, ENSAH UAE University, Morocco
  • Elif Sertel, Istanbul Technical University, Türkiye
  • Emre Yücer, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Emrullah SONUÇ, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • En-Naimi El Mokhtar, UAE, Morocco
  • Enrique Arias Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain
  • Tolga Ensari, Istanbul University, Türkiye
  • Ferhat Atasoy, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Filip Biljecki, National University of Singapore
  • Francesc Anton Castro, Technical University of Denmark
  • Ghulam Ali Mallah, Shah Abdullatif University, Pakistan
  • Habibullah Abbasi, University of Sindh, Pakistan
  • Haddadi Kamel Iemn, Lille University, France
  • Hakan Kutucu, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Hanane Reddad, USMS University, Morroco
  • Hazim Tawfik, Cairo University,Egypt
  • Huseyin Bayraktar, General Directorate of GIS, Türkiye
  • Hüseyin Pehlivan, Gebze Technical University, Türkiye
  • Huseyin Topan, Bulent Ecevit University, Türkiye
  • Huseyin Zahit Selvi, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
  • İlhami Muharrem ORAK, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Ilker Türker, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Iman Elawady, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran, Algeria
  • Indubhushan Patnaikuni, RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Ismail Büyüksalih, Bimtaş A.Ş., Türkiye
  • Ivin Amri Musliman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • J. Amudhavel, VIT Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Jaime Lioret Mauri Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
  • Jus Kocijan, Nova Gorica University, Slovenia
  • Kadir Ulutaş, Karabuk University
  • Kasım Ozacar, Karabuk University
  • Khoudeir Majdi IUT, Poitiers university, France
  • Labib Arafeh, Al-Quds University, Palestine
  • Laila Moussaid, ENSEM, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Lalam Mustapha, Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
  • Loncaric Sven, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • Lotfi Elaachak, FSTT, UAE, Morocco
  • Mademlis Christos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Mehmet Akbaba, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Mete Celik, Erciyes University, Türkiye
  • Miranda Serge, Nice University, France
  • Mohamed El Ghami, University of Bergen , Norway
  • Mohammad Sharifikia, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
  • Mousannif Hajar, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco
  • Mufit Cetin, Yalova University, Türkiye
  • Muhamad Uznir Ujang, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Scientific Committee

  • Muhammad Imzan Hassan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Muhammed Kamil Turan, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Murat Yakar, Mersin University, Türkiye
  • Murat Lüy, Kırıkkale University, Türkiye
  • Mustafa Akgul, Istanbul University, Türkiye
  • My Lahcen Hasnaoui, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
  • Mykola Kozlenko, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Ukraine
  • Nafil Khalid, UM5, Morocco
  • Nesrin Aydin Atasoy, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Nusret Demir, Akdeniz University, Türkiye
  • Oğuz Fındık, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Oğuzhan Menemencioğlu, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Omar Dakkak, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Omer Muhammet Soysal, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA
  • Ouederni Meriem ,INP - ENSEEIHT Toulouse, France
  • R. S. Ajin, DEOC DDMA, Kerala, India
  • Rani El Meouche, Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, France
  • Raif Bayır, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Rafet Durgut, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Saffet Erdogan, Harran University, Türkiye
  • Sagahyroon Assim, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Saied Pirasteh, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Savas Durduran, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University, Türkiye
  • Sedat Bakici, Turkish Cadastre Office, Türkiye
  • Sibel Senan, Istanbul University, Türkiye
  • Senthil Kumar, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India
  • Serdar Bayburt, Bimtaş A.Ş., Türkiye
  • Seyit Ali Kayış, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Siddique Ullah Baig, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
  • Slimani Yahya, Manouba University, Tunisia
  • Sohaib Abujayyab, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Sonja Grgić, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • Sri Winiarti, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
  • Suhaibah Azri, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Sunardi, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
  • Sule Erten Ela, Ege University, Türkiye
  • Tebibel Bouabana Thouraya, ESI, Alger, Algeria
  • Umit Atila, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Umit Isikdag, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Türkiye
  • Umran Koylu, Erciyes University, Türkiye
  • Xiaoguang Yue, International Engineering and Technology Institute, Hong Kong
  • Yasin Ortakcı, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Yasyn Elyusufi, FSTT, UAE, Morocco
  • Yüksel Çelik, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Youness Dehbi, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Yusuf Arayıcı, Northumbria University, UK
  • Yusuf Yargı Baydilli, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Zafer Albayrak, Karabuk University, Türkiye
  • Zennure Uçar, Düzce University, Türkiye
  • Zigh Ehlem Slimane, INTTIC, Oran, Algeria
  • Zouhri Amal, USMBA University, Fez, Morocco

Registration Fees

In order to be published, at least one of the authors of the paper must be registered and each paper must be presented virtually at the conference. All participants must register and pay the registration fees before September 25, 2020. The authors not registered until September 25, 2020, their papers will not be included in the conference program.

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