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The Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Al-Hoceima organizes the Third edition of the international conference on Digital Age & Technological Advances for sustainable development (IC-DATA 2022) DATA is a comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in IT technologies for sustainable development. The main purpose of DATA is to improve our research by achieving the highest capability and encourage open discussions on digitalization and recent technologies for sustainable development. Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that demonstrate recent advances inthe theoretical and practical aspects.
The proceedings of the conference will be published as a Book ( pending!!)

FINAL Program

DATA 2023 Edition Will be held in Casablanca, Morocco.

Friday  May 27 , 2022
Welcome Talk:

  • Prof. Mohammed BAKKALI Dean of FST AL-Hoceima Morocco , Conference Honoray Chair
  • Prof. Nabil BENAYA FST AL-Hoceima Morocco , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. Mohammed BOUHORMA FST Tangier, Morocco , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. BOUDHIR ANOUAR Abdelhakim ,FSTT, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco , Conference Co-Chair
  • Prof. Mohamed BEN AHMED, Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Sustainable Development, Morocco , Conference Co-Chair

10h30-11h15 am
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Said Hamdioui , Delft University of Technology , Netherlands
" Edge Computing for the future: Beyond CMOS and Beyond Von-Neumann"
Session moderated by Prof. Lotfi EL ACHAAK
Meet Link: meet.google.com/qwq-xctx-zpr
Coffee Break
Keynote Speaker: Professor Ismail Rakip Karas , Karabuk University, Turkey
" What is going on the background ? Topology of 3D GIS "
Session moderated by Prof. Anouar Abdelhakim BOUDHIR
Meet Link: meet.google.com/yur-zync-tru
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Juan Manuel Corchado University of Salamanca, Spain
"Next Generation Sequencing: from theory to practice"
Virtual Session moderated by Prof. Abdelhadi FENNAN
Meet Link: meet.google.com/mug-vxpg-cjp
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Saturday  May 28 , 2022
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Achraf El Kasmi UAE University Morocco
"Low-cost Materials for Sustainable Development Technologies "
Session moderated by Prof. Amine EL FATHI
Meet Link: meet.google.com/mkx-vgyt-pdq
Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Coffee Break
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
12h45- 1h15pm
Conference Closure
03h00- 6h30pm

Social Event : 1h30min of boat trip to discover the beaches and caves
Departure from the port of Al Hoceima
(Special Price 100dhs)

Session 1 : Digital Learning for Sustainable Development ; Chair: Dr. S. ALLACH
May 27; 04h00-05h00pm
21: A Tool for the Analysis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Serious Games in Teaching
Farida Bouroumane and Mustapha Abarkan
22: Using Learning Analytics techniques to calculate learner's interaction indicators from their activity traces data
Lamyaa Chihab, Abderrahim El Mhouti and Mohammed Massar
69: Implementing Machine learning-Based simulation in physics Virtual Laboratory
Cheddi Fatima, Tahiri Ahmed and Serrhini Mohammed
81: A Novel Hybrid Classification Approach for Predict Performance student in e-learning
Hanae Aoulad Ali, Mohamed Chrayah, Abdelhamid Bouzidi, Nabil Ourdani and Taha Elalami
61: Pedagogical scenarisation for virtual environments of training : survey
Mohamed Fahim and Abdeslam Jakimi

Session 2 : Artificial intelligence for sustainable development ; Chair: Prof. Y. EL YOUSFI
May 27; 04h00-05h00pm
25: Accelerating NLP for Technologically Underserved Languages: A Corpus for Moroccan Dialect
Hajar Zaidani, Maryeme Zaim, Abderrahim Maizat, Mohammed Ouzzif and Charif Mahmoudi
30: The study of the unsupervised Classification method Using the K-means algorithm by a proposition of a simple initialization technique
Rahma Ouchani, Mohammed Merzougui and M'Barek Nasri
33: Hierarchical classification method based on weighted barycentre toresolve the problem of group separation
Sara Jeddin and Youssef Bentaleb
42: Treatment of categorical variables with missing values using PLS regression
Yasmina Al Marouni and Bentaleb Youssef
48: Towards a movie recommender system based on KNN and Word2vec
Amina Samih

Session 3 : Digital Health Systems ; Chair: Prof. F. EL OUAAI
May 27; 04h00-05h00pm
50: Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Concepts, Technologies, and Opportunities
Mustafa Hiri, Mohamed Chrayah, Nabil Ourdani and Taha El Alami
71: A new Hybrid Artificial intelligence model for diseases identification
Abdellah Maiti, Abdallah Abarda and Mohamed Hanini
101: Medication Decision for Cardiovascular Disease through Fermatean Fuzzy Bipolar Soft Set
Kanak Saxena and Umesh Banodha
52: ALF- Ambient Assisted Living for Healthcare Framework based on IoMT and Big Data
Kanwal Zahoor and Narmeen Zakaria Bawany

Session 4 : Civil Engineering & Sustainable Design ; Chair: Prof. A. EL ALLATI
May 27; 04h00-05h00pm
13: Bowstring Bridge: Suspension removal and base for progressive collapse analysis
Hanaa Maimouni, Benaissa Kissi and Hamza Khatib
96: Inferential-based procedure for taking into account stereotomy in the failure analysis of masonry arches
Mohamed Taha Fadel, Mustapha Rguig, Mohammed El Aroussi and Rachid Saadane
98: Fatigue Analysis Of Cable-Stayed Bridges Under Wind Loads Combined To Traffic Effects
Taoufik Chafiki, Mustapha Rguig and Rachid Saadane
31: Design Of The Utea 1 Experimental Rocket With A Greater Stable Vertical Range For The Study Of Atmospheric Variables
Edy Ambia Vasquez, Carolina Soto Carrion, Wilber Jimenez Mendoza and Isabel Jimenez Soto

Session 5 : Digital Learning for Sustainable Development 2 ; Chair: Prof. A. ZOUHAIR
May 27; 05h15-06h15pm
82: Design and Implementation of a Serious Game based on Recommender Systems for the Learning Assessment Process at Primary Education level
Fatima Zohra Lhafra and Otman Abdoun
88: Learning Styles Prediction Using Social Network Analysis and Data Mining Algorithms
Soukaina Benabdelouahab, Jaber Elbouhdidi, Yacine El Younoussi and Juan Manuel Carrillo de Gea
102: Pedagogical Classification Model Based on Machine Learning
Hanane Sebbaq and Nour-Eddine El Faddouli
104: Predicting and Interpreting Student Performance Using Ensemble Models and Shapley Additive Explanations
Hayat Sahlaoui, El Arbi Alaoui and Said Agoujil
64: Web-Based Dyscalculia Screening With Unsupervised Clustering: Moroccan Fourth Grade Students
Mohamed Ikermane and Abdelkrim El Mouatasim

Session 6 : Artificial intelligence for sustainable development 2 ; Chair: Prof. L. EL ACHAAK
May 27; 05h15-06h15pm
53: Multi-algorithm Cannabis Classification Based on Sentinel 2-A Data of The Moroccan Region Al Hoceima
Abdellatif Lafriakh and Hassan Rhinane
73: Improving Speaker-Dependency/Independency of Wavelet-based Speech Emotion Recognition
Adil Chakhtouna, Sara Sekkate and Abdellah Adib
105: Improvement Deep Leaning Network performance by in-creasing its complexity
El Hadi Moulay Lhabib and Nasri M'Barek
80: Combining static and contextual features: The case of English tweets
Nouhaila Bensalah, Habib Ayad, Abdellah Adib and Abdelhamid Ibn El Farouk
70: Towards a new method for classifying employee performance using machine learning algorithms
Mourad Zbakh, Noura Aknin and Mohamed Chrayah

Session 7 : Sustainable Digital Economy ; Chair: Prof. A. MAHBOUB
May 27; 05h15-06h15pm
14: Corporate Finance and governance: role of financial policy in governance of banks listed on the stock exchange market
Abdelhamid Boulaksili and Ouail El Imrani
49: Towards sustainable financing through local tax revenue forecasting using time series
Nabil Ourdani and Mohamed Chrayah
75: Classification of credit applicants using SVM variants coupled with filter-based feature selection
Siham Akil, Sara Sekkate and Abdellah Adib
93: Using Latent Class Analysis to Identify behavior of Moroccan Citizens towards Electric Vehicles
Taoufiq El Harrouti, Mourad Azhari, Abdellah Abouabdellah, Abdelaziz Hamamou and Abderahim Bajit
94: Machine learning applications for consumer behavior prediction
Nouri Hicham and Sabri Karim
34: A comparative analysis of top ten real estate advertising Web sites in Morocco
Saloua Bensiali, Zainab Azough, Lahoussaine Baamal and Ayoub El Adraoui
56: Microservices : Investigating Underpinnings
Idris Oumoussa, Soufiane Faieq and Rajaa Saidi

Session 8 : Environmental Sustainability and Precision Agriculture  ; Chair: Prof. O. EL ABOUTI
May 27; 05h15-06h15pm
27: Modeling Wheat Yield By Using Phenologycal Metrics Derived From Sentinel 2 In Arid And Semi-Arid Regions
Adra Idrissi, Abdelaziz Htitiou, Samir Nadem, Abdelghani Boudhar, Youssef Lebrini and Tarik Benabdelouahab
28: Interest of remote sensing and GIS in the study of water erosion: case of the Zat watershed (High Atlas, Morocco)
Jihad Bouaida, Omar Witam and Mounsif Ibnoussina
109: CNN model for Change Detection of Argania Deforestation from Sentinel-2 remote sensing imagery
Soufiane Idbraim, Zakaria Mimouni, Mohamed Ben Salah and Mohamed Reda Dahbi
95: Environmental and Climate Risk Management in Public Pro-curement: A Proposed Decision Support Tool
Tarik El Haddadi, Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Taoufik Mourabit, Oumaima El Haddadi and Ahmad El Allaoui
43: Effect of the discharge of wastewater on the parasitic contamination of the Boufekrane River
Imane Taha, Abdelkader Chahlaoui and Driss Bengoumi
44: Impact of the physico-chemical quality of drinking water on the solubility of antibiotics in poultry farming
Bengoumi Driss, Chahlaoui Abdelkader, Samih Mustapha, Kharroubi Adel, Taha Imane

Session 9 : Image Processing for Sustainable Development   ; Chair: Prof. M. FAHIM
May 28; 10h15 -11h15 am
65: An advanced Feistel lap enclosed within two genetic operators for the medical image encryption
Marieme Jarjar, Abdellah Abid, Abdelhamid Benazzi and Abdellatif Jarjar
60: Color image encryption using Improved Vigenère method followed by a permutation
Abdellah Abid, Mariem Jarjar, Abdelhamid Benazzi and Abdellatif Jarjar
84: Robust Method for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix by a Hybrid Optimization Algorithm
Soulaiman El Hazzat and Mostafa Merras
83: Comparison of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Histogram of Oriented Gradients based feature extraction in concrete bridge crack images
Hajar Zoubir, Mustapha Rguig, Mohammed Elaroussi and Rachid Saadane
87: A Survey for Extraction, Classification and Security of Medical Image Data
Fallou Seye, Abdou Khadre Diop and Chérif Bachir Deme

Session 10 : Covid Researchs   ; Chair: Prof. A.A. BOUDHIR
May 28; 10h15 -11h15am
29: Simulating and modeling the vaccination of covid-19 Pandemic using SIR Model - SVIRD
Nada El Kryech, Mohammed Bouhorma, Lotfi El Aachak and Fatiha Elouaai
51: Application of AI and IoT in the containment of the Covid19 pandemic
Ikram Ben Abdel Ouahab, Lotfi Elaachak, Fatiha Elouaai and Mohammed Bouhorma
110: COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Technology, users’ privacy and security
Anasse Hanafi, Mohammed Bouhorma and El Aachak Lotfi
18: Covid-19: Impact of the Lockdown on the Behavior and on Waste Management, case study Ajdir, Morocco
Ahmed Ait Errouhi, Jihane Gharib and Yassir Bouroumine

Session 11 : Data Engineering for Sustainable Development   ; Chair: Prof. B. BENAMROU
May 28; 10h15 -11h15 am
11: Improving small files processing in HADOOP
Mohamed Eddoujaji
23: Managing Spatial Big data on The Data LakeHouse
Soukaina Ait Errami, Hicham Hajji, Kenza Ait El Kadi and Hassan Badir
85: Towards Big Data-based Sustainable Business Models and Sustainable Supply Chain
Lahcen Tamym, Lyes Benyoucef, Ahmed Nait Sidi Moh and Moulay Driss El Ouadghiri
92: On the Management of Universities Exchange Programs: A Decision Aid Case Study
Hamza Kamal, Fatima Zahra Belhadj, Basma Jaafar, Yousra Chtouki and Nabil Benamar
67: Hadoop-based big data distributions: a comparative study
Ikram Hamdaoui, Mohamed El Fissaoui, Khalid El Makkaoui and Zakaria El Allali

Session 12 : Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Mobility   ; Chair: Prof. M. BEN AHMED
May 28; 10h15 -11h15 am
27: An Efficient Framework for the Implementation of Sustainable Industry 4.0
Sara Kachiche, Youssef Gahi and Jihane Gharib
17: Robust Vector Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor using Space Vector Modulation Algorithm
Yassine Zahraoui, Mohamed Moutchou and Souad Tayane
66: Type 2 fuzzy PID for robot manipulator
Nabil Benaya, Faiza Dib and Ben Meziane Khaddouj
55: A SVM Approach for Assessing Traffic Congestion State by Similarity Measures
Abdou Khadre Diop, Amadou Dahirou Gueye, Khaly Tall and Sidi Mohamed Farssi
100: Explainable Machine Learning Model for performance prediction MAC Layer in WSNs
El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Khalid Nassiri and Stephane Cederic

Session 13 : IoT Technologies and Embedded Systems for Sustainable Developement  ; Chair: Prof. N. AKCHIOUI
May 28; 11h30 -12h30pm
77: Toward A New Framework For Process Aware IoT Discovery
Elkodssi Iman, Sbai Hanae and Laanaoui My Driss
36: Development and performances comparison of Memory architectures for multiprocessor System on Chip at the SystemC/TLM
Kaoutar Aamali, Abdelhakim Alali, Mohamed Sadik and Zineb El Hariti
72: Design of a Novel Patch Antenna with Dual-Band 27/38 GHz for 5G Applications
NAnouar Es-Saleh, Mohammed Bendaoued, Soufian Lakrit, Rihab Roubhi, Mohamed Atounti and Ahmed Faize
68: Split ring resonator (SRR) incorporated patch array antenna with enhanced gain and bandwidth for 5.8 GHz WLAN applications
Mohammed Bendaoued, Anouar Es-Saleh, Soufian Lakrit, Arnab De, Sudipta Das and Ahmed Faize

Session 14 : Smart Security  ; Chair: Prof. A. EL KASMI
May 28; 11h30 -12h30pm
40: Analyze Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Techniques by Securing Facial Recognition System
Mohammed Alhayani and Muhmmad Al-Khiza'Ay
89: Cybersecurity awareness through Serious Games: A systematic literature review
Chaimae Moumouh, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri and Jose L. Fernández Alemán
103: Machine Learning Interpretability to Detect Fake Account in Instagram
Amine Sallah, El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui and Said Agoujil
115: CoAP and MQTT: Characteristics and Security
Fathia Ouakasse and Said Rakrak

Session 15 : Sustainable Energy Engineering & Smart Grids  ; Chair: Prof. I. EL AOUADI,
May 28; 11h30 -12h30pm
20: LSTM deep learning method for radiation short and long term prediction
Mohamed Khala, Houda Abouzid and Sara Teidj
54: State Of Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion batteries using Artificial Intelligence Based on Entropy and Enthalpy Variation
Hind El Ouazzani, Ibtissam Elhassani, Tawfik Masrour and Jamil Ouazzani Mohammed
118: Improved hourly prediction of BIPV photovoltaic power building using artificial Learning machine: A comparative study of real cases
Mouad Dourhmi , Youssef Jouane , Kaoutar Benlamine, Ilyass Abouelaziz , Mourad Zghal and Tawfik Masrour
90: Using Machine Learning with Pyspark for Solving a Big Data Problem: Searching for Particles in High Energy Physics with Big Mass (HEPMASS)
Mourad Azhari, Khalid Ahaji, Abdallah Abarda, Badia Ettaki and Jamal Zerouaoui
47: SDN southbound protocols: A comparative study
Boukraa Lamiae, Safaa Mahrach, Khalid El Makkaoui and Redouane Esbai
63: A New Telecom Churn Prediction Model Based on Multi-Layer Stacking Architecture
Jalal Rabbah, Mohammed Ridouani and Larbi Hassouni

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Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development

  • Swarm Intelligence and Optimization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Agent and Multi Agent Systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Pattern recognition
  • Web Intelligence
  • Fuzzy Systems
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Mobile Computing and Intelligence
  • Virtual Environments
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Wearable Computing Systems
  • Intelligent Communication Systems

Sustainable Energy Engineering

  • Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
  • Green Data Centers
  • Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization
  • Sustainable Circuit Design
  • Low Power Electronics
  • Smart Grid Information Engineering
  • Power Engineering Technology
  • Development of Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Storage Technology
  • Energy Strategy and Energy Internet
  • Energy Security and Clean Utilization
  • Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Green Energy and Biomass

Environmental Sustainability

  • Intelligent hydro-informatics 
  • Waste recycling
  • Green Synthesis and Catalysis
  • Intelligent river basin management 
  • Intelligent urban and rural water management 
  • Sustainable irrigation water management 
  • Sustainable hydropower management 
  •  Intelligent coastal water management 
  • Water, Environment, and Health
  • Impact of climate change on society
  • Water governance and capacity building

Financial Mathematics & Optimization Methods

  • Corporative Finance
  • Financial mathematics
  • Interest rates dynamics
  • Asset allocation
  • Derivatives
  • Credit risk
  • Sovereign risk
  • Performance evaluation of mutual funds
  • Socially responsible investments
  • Data envelopment analysis

Green and Digital Economy for Sustainable Development

  • Low Carbon Economy
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Business fluctuation
  • Environmental Economics

Digital Learning for Sustainable Development

  • ·E-learning for sustainable development
  • IT intelligence for education for sustainable development
  • Intelligent Evaluation Systems
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Digital Labs Systems
  • Cloud Intelligence for Education
  • ·Ecological impact of online learning
  • ·Social impact of online learning

CyberPsychology & Behavior for Sustainable Development

  • Cyber-Aggression
  • Cyber-Victimization
  • Social engineering and insider threat
  • Decision-making in cyberspace
  • Human-centric advances in cybersecurity
  • Cross-cultural aspects of cybersecurity
  • Behavioral and personality-based correlates of risk mitigation
  • Emerging technologies and cyber literacy
  • Information security awareness

GeoInformation for Sustainable Development

  • Collective Sensing and Geo-spatial Big Data
  • Geospatial Technology and GIScience
  • Wireless and mobile GIS
  • Processing of spacial imagery
  • 3D City Modelling
  • Spatial Data Analysis
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
  • GeoAI
  • Health GIS
  • Spatial Social Science
  • Urban Informatics
  • VGI and Crowdsourcing
  • Geohumanities
  • Geospatial cloud computing
  • Crime Mapping

Industry 4.0 & Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Clean manufacturing via 3D printing technology
  • Sustainable quality systems
  • Product-service life cycle assessment
  • Engineered innovative product
  • Sustainable industrial engineering
  • Sustainable Operations Management
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Sustainable Industry4.0 technologies

Precision Agriculture & IoT

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Education and Outreach in Precision Agriculture
  • Factors Driving Adoption
  • Farm Animals Health and Welfare Monitoring
  • Geospatial Data
  • Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
  • Robotics, Guidance and Automation
  • Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
  • Smart Weather for Precision Agriculture
  • Intelligent control for agriculture system
  • Cloud control in agriculture system
  • Internet of things for agriculture
  • Agricultural Biotechnology

Sustainable Civil Infrastructures

  • Design with Cloud computation
  • Construction using BIM technology
  • Remote sensor monitoring
  • 3D printing in civil engineering
  • Green technology in civil
  • transportation engineering
  • AI in civil engineering
  • Geological Disaster Control Technology
  • Dam Engineering
  • Railroad Engineering
  • Tunneling Engineering
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Pavement Engineering
  • Transportation Geotechnical Engineering
  • Sustainable Geomaterials and Geosystems
  • Sustainable Long Life Pavement

Keynote Speakers

Professor Rajat Gupta

Oxford Brookes University, UK

Rajat Gupta is Director of the multi-disciplinary Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) and Low Carbon Building Research Group. He holds senior professorial chair in sustainable architecture and climate change at level 4 (highest level).

Professor Ismail Rakip Karas

Karabuk University, Turkey

Ismail Rakip Karas is a Professor of Computer Engineering Department and Head of 3D-GeoInformatics Research Group at Karabuk University, Turkey. He received his BSc degree from Selcuk University, MSc degree from Gebze Institute of Technology, and PhD degree from GIS and Remote Sensing program of Yildiz Technical University, in 1997, 2001 and 2007 respectively, three of them from Geomatics Engineering Department.

Prof. Dr. Juan Manuel Corchado

University of Salamanca, Spain

Juan Manuel Corchado. Full Professor with Chair at the University of Salamanca. He was Vice President for Research from 2013 to 2017 and the Director of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca. Chosen twice as the Dean of the Faculty of Science

Prof. Dr. Said Hamdioui

Delft University of Technology , Netherlands

Hamdioui is currently Chair Professor on Dependable and Emerging Computer Technologies, Head of the Quantum and Computer Engineering department, and also serving as Head of the Computer Engineering Laboratory (CE-Lab) of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is also co-founder and CEO of Cognitive-IC, a start-up focusing on hardware dependability solutions.

Prof. Achraf El Kasmi

Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco

Call To Papers

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work, manuscripts must follow the Springer template guidelines , including figures, tables, and references. The paper must be prepared by using the template in MS Word or LaTeX as PDF files through EasyChair System below. The length of papers should not exceed 10 pages.
The paper must be prepared by using the template as PDF files through Easychair. The direct link for paper submission is  

Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material (max. 15% from all sources + max. 5% from one source), Urkund tool will be used to detect plagiarism .
Each paper will be reviewed by three regular PC members in 3 rounds of review . The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical depth, elegance, practical or theoretical impact, and finaly the english language.
Authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit an extended version(60%) of their work for potential publication in a special issue/section of an international journal.


Adivsory Committees

  • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa, Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
  • Riyadh Baghdadi, New York University Abu Dhabi and researcher at MIT, USA
  • Huang-Nan Huang, Tunghai University, Taiwan
  • Atis Kapenieks, Riga Technical University Riga, Latvia
  • Sri Hartini, University of Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Mohamed BEN AHMED, FSTT/UAE, Tangier Morocco
  • İsmail Rakıp Karașo,Karabuk University, Turkey
  • Joel Rodrigues, National Institute of Telecommunications , Brazil
  • Kashif Saleem, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Anouar Abdelhakim BOUDHIR, FSTT/UAE, Tangier Morocco
  • Sehl MELLOULI Laval University, Canada


Organizing Committee

    Conference Honoray Chair
  • Bouchta EL MOUMNI, President of UAE University Morocco
  • Mohammed BAKKALI , Dean of FST AL-Hoceima Morocco
    Conference Chairs
  • Nabil BENAYA , FSTH UAE, AL-Hoceima Morocco
  • Mohammed BOUHORMA, FSTT, UAE, Tangier, Morocco
    Conference Co-Chair
  • Domingos SANTOS, Polytechnic Institute Castelo Branco, Portugal
  • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    TPC Chair
  • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa, Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
    Publication Chair
  • İsmail Rakıp Karașo, Karabuk University, Turkey
    Special Issues Chair
  • SENTHIL Kumar, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India
    Tutorials Chair
  • Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    Topical Editor of IoT and Precision Agriculture
  • Mohamed BEN AHMED, LIST FSTT UAE Morocco
    Topical Editor of IA & Sustainability
  • Sehl MELLOULI, Laval University, Canada
    Topical Editor of Green & Circular Economy
  • DOMINGOS SANTOS, Polytechnic Institute Castelo Branco, Portugal
    Topical Editor of Intelligent Water Management For Sustainable Development
  • Luis BRAGANÇA, University of Minho, Portugal
    Topical Editor of Computing for Sustainable Development
  • Anouar BOUDHIR Abdelhakim, LIST FSTT UAE Morocco
    Topical Editor of Social Science for Sustainable Development
  • Sergeyeva Olga, St.Petersburg State University, Russia


Organizing Committee

  • Abderrahim EL ALLATI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Abdelmoumen KAABAL, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Achraf EL KASMI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Adil SOUFI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Amine EL FATHI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Badr BENAMROU, FST Al Hoceima
  • Faiza DIB, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Khaddouj BEN MEZIANE, ISGA, Fez
  • Ibrahim EL AOUADI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Mohamed EL BOUJADDAINI, FP, Nador
  • Mohamed SEDDIQ, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Mustapha HAMDI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Mohamed FAHIM, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Nabil EL AKCHIOUI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Ossama EL ABOUTI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Rochdi RAIS, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Samira ZKHNINI, FSTH Al Hoceima


Program Committee

  • ABAYOMI TAOFEEK Durban University of Technology,South Africa
  • Abbasi Habibullah University of Sindh,Pakistan
  • Abdelkrim Haqiq FST, Hassan 1st University, Settat,Morocco
  • Abderrahim El Mhouti Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
  • Abderrahim EL ALLATI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Abdelmoumen KAABAL, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Achraf EL KASMI, FSTH Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • Adel Alti University of Setif - Algeria
  • Ali Ghulam Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur,Pakistan
  • Anouar Boudhir UAE University, Tangier,Morocco
  • Amine EL FATHI, FSTH Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • Arayici yusuf Northumbria university ,United Kingdom
  • Arsalane Zarghili FST, USMBA Fez, Morocco
  • Atazadeh Behnam Melbourne University,Australia
  • Azri Suhaibah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,Malaysia
  • BAYDLL Yusuf Yarg Karabuk University,
  • Bachir BENHALA, FS , UMI, Meknes Morocco
  • Badr BENAMROU, FST Al Hoceima
  • Ben Ahmed Mohamed Computing departement FSTT Tangier, Morocco
  • Bessai Mechmache Fatma Zohra CERIST,Algeria
  • Biljecki Filip National University of Singapore,Singapore
  • Bouhorma Mohammed LIST, FSTT, UAE ,Morocco
  • Dehbi Youness University of Bonn,Germany
  • EL MEOUCHE Rani ESTP Paris,France
  • Elawady Iman ENP Oran ,Algeria
  • Elouaai Fatiha LIST, FSTT, UAE ,Morocco


Program Committee

  • Erten-Ela Sule Ege university,Turkey
  • Faiza DIB, FSTH Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • Fatma Zohra Bessai Mechmache (CERIST), Algeria
  • Habbal Adib Karabuk University,Turkey
  • Hassan Muhammad Imzan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
  • Hijazi Ihab An-Najah National University,Palestine
  • Khaddouj BEN MEZIANE, ISGA, Fez, Morocco
  • Ibrahim EL AOUADI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez LAAS-CNRS, France
  • Joel Rodrigues INATEL, Bresil
  • Jus Kocijan Nova Gorica University, Slovenia
  • Karas Ismail Rakip Karabuk University,Turkey
  • khan aftab KIU,Pakistan
  • Koylu Umran ERU/Erciyes Universitesi,
  • Kozlenko Mykola Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University,Ukraine
  • Lamya Alabdulkarim King Saud University, Arabia Saudia
  • Lotfi EL Achaak FSTT, UAE, Morocco
  • Mahasen Anabtawi Al- Quds University
  • Menemencioglu Oguzhan Karabuk University,Turkey
  • Musliman Ivin Amri Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,Malaysia
  • Mustapha Lalam Université de Tizi Ouzou, Algéria


Program Committee

  • Mariam TANANA, ENSAT, UAE, Morocco
  • Mohamed EL BOUJADDAINI, FP, Nador
  • Mohamed FAHIM, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Mohamed SEDDIQ, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Mustapha HAMDI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Nabil EL AKCHIOUI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Orak lhami KarabUk University,Turkey
  • Ossama EL ABOUTI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Ortakc Yasin Karabuk University,Turkey
  • Pehlivan HUseyin Gebze teknik Universitesi,Turkey
  • Rochdi RAIS, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Rguig Mustapha, EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco
  • SAHIN Cumhur Gebze Technical University,
  • Saadane Rachid, EHTP, Casablanca
  • Samira ZKHNINI, FSTH Al Hoceima
  • Sanaa Ghouzali King Saud University, Arabie Saudia
  • Sergeyeva Olga St.Petersburg State University,Russia
  • Sibel Senan Istanbul University, turkey
  • Slimani Yahya Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
  • Sonuç Emrullah Karabuk University,Turkey
  • SOYSAL OMER Southeastern Louisiana University,United States
  • Tarekmohamed El-Fouly Qatar University, Qatar
  • Ujang Uznir Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
  • Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg
  • Winiarti Sri Faculty of Technology Industry,Indonesia
  • Yakar Murat Mersin University,Turkey
  • YUCER EMRE Karabuk University,
  • Yudhana Anton Universitas Ahmad Dahlan,Indonesia
  • Zilong Ye California State University, Los Angeles, USA

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In order to include accepted papers in the proceedings, at least one of the authors of the paper must be registered. Each paper must be presented by an author at the conference. All participants must register and pay the registration fees before April 15, 2022.The authors not registered, their papers will not be included in the conference program. The registration fees includes: Publication fees, Electronic version of the conference proceedings and Admission to the all sessions.

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100 Euros

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