Intelligent Security for a Smart City ISSC’17

Call for paper

The Intelligent Security for Smart City International Workshop will be held in Tangier-Morocco, October 25-27, 201, in conjunction with the Mediterranean Symposium on Smart City Applications (ScAMS'17). Cyber Security has become an extremely dynamic sector under the combined effect of cloud computing, mobility, social networks and the exponential development of computer threats. We invite papers on program protection, reverse engineering, and software security used in legitimate contexts. Particular interest will be given on studies and experiments that explore the boundary of both practical methods and their theoretical limits. Topics for the workshop can cover a wide variety of tools, techniques, and methodologies related to security aspects of software and hardware systems, with particular focus on subversion/exploitation or protection of program integrity, confidentiality, authorization, and intellectual property. Ongoing work with preliminary results, theoretical approaches, tool-based methods, and empirical studies on various methods are all appropriate for submission. Modeling of software security, attacks, metrics and evaluation frameworks, and new cutting-edge techniques are in view as well. Papers can address studies on hardware/circuit based methods or software/assembly based mechanisms. We expect the workshop to provide exchange of ideas and support for cooperative relationships among researchers in industry, academia, and government.


  • Security for Smart Cities
  • Big data analytics for security
  • Security modelling
  • Protection metrics and measurements
  • Obfuscation / deobfuscation
  • Tamper-proofing
  • Hardware-based protections
  • Protection profiling, verification, and evaluation
  • Theoretic analysis frameworks
  • New cutting-edge protection technologies
  • Circuit and digital logic protection
  • Program / circuit slicing
  • Component / functional Identification
  • Source code (static/dynamic) analysis
  • Information hiding and discovery
  • User interface design for controlling protection
  • Virtualization for protection and/or analysis
  • Forensic and anti-forensic protection
  • Moving target and active cyber defense
  • Man-at-the-end (MATE) attack technologies
  • Digital fingerprinting

Workshop Chair

  • Pr GHADI Abderrahim, FSTT, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco

Program Committee

  • Alain Sartout, University Of Strasbourg - France.
  • Mohamed BENADDY,Ibn Zohr University Agadir Morocco
  • Alfian Abdul Halin, Upm (Universiti Putra Malaysia) - Malaysia
  • Ana María Barbancho,  Universidad de Málaga – Spain
  • Anas Abou Kalam,  Inp (Institut National Polytechnique) Of Toulouse - France
  • Boucif Amar Bensaber, Uqtr (Université Du Québec À Trois-Rivières) - Canada
  • Debasmit Banerjee, Michigan State University  - USA
  • Gabriella Pasi, University Of Milan Bicocca, Italy
  • Maurice Mignotte, University Of Strasbourg - France.
  • Rachid Sammouda, King Saud University - Saudi Arabia
  • Rim Faiz,  University Of Carthage, Tunisia
  • Kunalè Florent KUDAGBA, Suptem, Tangier, Morocco
  • Chaouki Brahim Elkhalil, Ibn Zohr University Ensa - Agadir - Morocco
  • Taher Zaki, Ibn Zohr University Cuam- Agadir - Morocco
  • Ghita Mezzour, International University Of Rabat – Morocco
  • Abdelhamid Zouhair, Mohamed I University ENSA-Al Hoceima – Morocco