The 2nd International Workshop on Smart Learning & Innovative Educations

Call for paper

After the success of the first edition (ELED’16), The SLIED’17 Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Mediterranean Symposium on Smart City Applications SCAMS 2017 on October 25th – 27th 2017 in Tangier, Morocco. The main objective of the SLIED’17 Workshop is to provide a forum for academic, research and industrial collaboration on pedagogies and engineering education. Nowadays, new information technologies and communication have invaded us, more than ever necessary in all areas, namely in the field of education. These technologies open new ways of access to knowledge. This workshop serves as a multi-disciplinary forum to exchange information on education, research, development, and applications of all topics related to Smart Learning and Innovative pedagogies. Authors of unpublished, original work –in progress or completed, are invited to submit their work to the International Workshop on Smart Learning. Submissions are welcome in all the areas of Smart learning and topics related.


  • Smart Learning Environements
  • Smart Environments and Analytics on Video-Based Learning
  • Pedagogy in Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)
  • Fusion of pedagogy and technology in smart learning environments
  • Smart Collaborative Learning platform
  • Social media for Learning
  • Smart Devices to Enhance Learning 
  • Serious Games in Education 
  • Smart University
  • E-Learning in Era of Big data and Web Objects,
  • Knowledge Management in Smart Learning
  • Semantic Web and Ontologies in Smart Learning
  • Educational Methods and Learning Mechanisms
  • Innovative Systems in Engineering Education
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching Approaches
  • Collaborative Learning and Social Networks
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Virtual Universities, Classrooms, and Laboratories

Workshop Chairs

  • Pr. El BOUHDIDI Jaber, ENSA, Tetuan, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
  • Pr. GHAILANI Mohamed , ENSA, Tangier, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
  • Pr AIT KBIR Mhamed, FST, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco

Program Committe

  • Abdellatif Medouri, ENSATE UAE, Morocco
  • M’hamed AIT KBIR, FSTT, UAE, Morocco
  • AKNIN Noura, FS, UAE, Morocco
  • Kamal eddine EL KADIRI, ENSATE UAE, Morocco
  • Amal NEJAARI, ENSATE UAE, Morocco
    Mounia ABIK, ENSIAS, UM V, Rabat,
    Anouar ABTOY, ENSA, Tetuan,
    Abdellah AZMANI, FST, Tangier,
    Samir BENNANI, EMI, UM V, Rabat,
    Mohamed EL HADDAD, ENSA, Tangier
    Mohamed CHRAYAH, ENSA, Tetuan,
    Bernard DOUSSET, UPS, Toulouse, France
    Kunalè Florent KUDAGBA, Suptem,Tangier
    Anass EL HADDADI, ENSA El Hoceima, ,
    EL Mokhtar EN-NAIMI, FST, Tangier,
    Abdelhadi FENNAN ,FST Tangier,
    Soufiane ROUISSI, BORDEAUX Montaigne University, France
    Sahbi SIDHOM, Lorraine University, Nancy, France
    Mariam Tanana, ENSA, Tangier, Morocco
    Mourad EL YADARI, FP, Errachidia, Morocco
    Abdelhamid ZOUHAIR, ENSA, El Hoceima
    Abderrahim TAHIRI, ENSA, Tetuan
    Mohammed EL ACHAB, ENSA, Tetuan
    Mohamed LAZAAR, ENSA, Tetuan
    Yassine ZAOUI SEGHROUCHENI, FS, Tetuan
    Mohamed Yassine Chkouri, ENSA, Tetuan
    Dominique GROUX-LECLET, UPJV, France
    Abderrahim El Mhouti, FSTH, Mohamed Premier University
    Zakaria ITAHRIOUAN, FSI, UPF, Fez, Morocco

Proceedings Publication

All Accepted and presented papers may be published in the book series Lecture Notes NS powered by

Provisional Program

Invited Session 1 :Smart Learning & Innovative Educations Chair : Pr Jaber EL BOUHDIDI
Wednesday October 25, 2017 10h15-12h
Learning Management System and the Underlying Learning Theories
Mohammed Ouadoud, Nejjari Amel, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri and Kamal Eddine El Kadiri
A Novel e-learning Platform Model for Practical Laboratory Activities in Moroccan Universities
Mohammed L'Bachir El Kbiach, Loubna Bounab, Tahiri Abderrahim, Khalil Elhajjaji, Francisco Esquembre and Hassan Ezbakhe
Applying Text Mining to Predict Learners’ Cognitive Engagement
Hind Hayati, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi and Samir Bennani
Scoring Candidates in the Adaptive Test
Tarik Hajji and Zakaria Itahriouan
An Adult Learner’s Knowledge Model Based on Ontologies and Rule Reasoning
Abir Abyaa, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi and Samir Bennani
Using decision making AHP Method for the choice of the best pedagogical method
for developing reading skills for young and illiterate public
Chaabi Hasnaâ, Azmani Abdellah and Azmani Amina
Invited Session2 :Smart Learning & Innovative EducationChair :Pr Mohamed GHAYLANI
Wednesday October 25, 2017 14h45-16h30
Using the Dynamic CBR Method to Correct the Generates Learning Path in the Adaptive Learning System
Nihad El Ghouch, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Abdelhamid Zouhair and Mohammed Al Achhab
Learners motivation analysis in serious games
Othman Bakkali Yedri, El Aachak Lotfi, Amine Belahbib, Hassan Zili and Mohammed Bouhorma
Smart Adaptive Learning Based on Moodle Platform
Fatima Ezzahraa Louhab, Ayoub Bahnasse and Mohamed Talea
Contribution of Pedagogical Agents to Motivate Learners in Online Learning
Environments: The case of the PAOLE Agent
Bendou Karim, Cherkaoui Chihab and Abrache Mohamed Amine
The Allocation of Submissions in Online Peer Assessment: What can an Assessor Model provide in this context?
Mohamed-Amine Abrache, Aimad Qazdar, Abdelkarim Bendou and Chihab Cherkaoui